Sabrent Rocket nano V2 2TB Portable SSD Review – Portable and Fast


The Sabrent Rocket/nano V2 Portable SSD is a very interesting entry into the portable storage market and pretty much stands on its own for its combination of extremely compact size with high speed data transfers up to 1,5GB/s.  Add to this capacities up to 4TB, an incredible build and just all around great look and feel product and we foresee a great deal of success ahead for the V2.  There is something that is rather interesting, however, and that is that this SSD does not seem to support TRIM with its use of the Phison PS2251 USB 3.2 2×2 controller.  This was seen in our Crystal Disk Info result on the first page.

This SSD is not the only SSD with the same characteristics as the recently released Corsair EX100U external SSD.  Both rely on Phison’s newest PS2251-18 native UFD flash controller which is the worlds first of its kind and fastest. This device requires no separate bridge controller making it 56% more efficient than any bridge-based device and we believe this is technically why, when looking at the Crystal DiskInfo result earlier, TRIM is not identified as a feature of the SSD itself.

Believe it or not, this actually a good thing as TRIM historically would have to move information of an entire block and then erase that block to free it for future use. This SSD, and more specifically the Phison PS2251 USB 3.2 2×2 controller, uses SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) UNMAP  which in fact, is able to ‘sanitize’ the deleted information more efficiently without having to move all the data and delete that entire block, as TRIM did. Same job completed…more efficient advanced flash management.

Want even better proof?  You can believe that this, along with every other drive you see in the hands of a reviewer, has been tested in every way possible and put through the grinder long before it even hits reviewers hands.  If something hasn’t been picked up in manufacturer testing, it would be in the hands of at least the few ‘traditional’ reviewers and would be front and center for the consumer to decide whether it is a viable purchase.  The Sabrent Rocket/nano V2 is a very good investment.  Kudos to Phison and Sabrent for an absolutely great product!




Sabrent Rocket nano V2 Portable SSD

Product Build
3-Year Warranty
Price and Availability

Small and fast!

The Sabrent Rocket nano V2 is a very compact and fast portable storage device capable of speeds up to 1.5GB/s for as high as 4TB storage capacity. It has a 3-year warranty and an excellent price point.

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