PNY Elite 480GB Portable SSD Review

One of the main aspects of the SSD world that stands fast is size; size is everything.  Not only have we gone from capacity at 64GB in 2007 to several TB today, but also, the ability to reduce footprint size while increasing capacity (and performance) is key.  Now… throw in value and the PNY Elite 480GB Portable SSD is going to be hard to beat; it’s price today at Amazonblank is a heart stopping 129$

PNY Elite 480GB Portable SSD

The PNY Elite portable SSD is available in 240 and 480GB capacities and is constructed of a solid aluminum exterior with an included USB 3.0 cable.  Specifications list the Elite as able to reach speeds up to 430MB/s read and 400MB/s write with both PC and Mac compatibility and a 3 year warranty. 


Considering that the present price point is  $89.99 for the 240GB and $129.99 for the 480GB capacity, this may be the best deal one can snatch on a portable SSD right now, especially one that comes with a 3 year warranty.  Check out the size of this drive up against that of an SD card! Check Amazon.blank


Packaging for the PNY Elite 480GB Portable SSD includes a USB 3 adapter which is Standard-A type for plugging into your PC and SMicro-B type when connecting to the SSD itself.  As for compatibility,  I already had a similar cable connecting my card reader so pulled the connector from that and connected the PNY Elite.  Immediate recognition is great and this was seen in both my PC and Mac!


Let’s check out how she looks and performs on our test bench!

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