Apricorn Aegis NVX 1TB Secure SSD Review – Rock Solid Data Security at 1000MB/s Transfer Speeds Finally!


We can say many good things about the Apricorn Aegis NVX 1TB Secure SSD and that starts with its data transfer speeds up to and above 1GB/s which is an industry first for secure external storage of this type.  The NVX has an amazing build constructed of a single piece of milled aircraft aluminum and there is no way that one can break into the NVX with any ability of retrieving the data within.  The NVX is a very simple to use secure SSD in that there is no software and entering and changing administrative or user passwords is as simple as following a few keypad steps.

Also included within the Aegis NVX drive itself is a full user manual which is a must for anyone who wants to explore additional features of the NVX.  Such things as changing and deleting PINs, setting and using one-time recovery PINs, setting read or read/write modes, setting LED flicker, setting and changing PIN length, setting the unattended auto lock feature, setting up brute force protection, setting a self-destruction PIN, performing a complete reset, or moving into diagnostic mode, can be found there , or also through download and use of the detailed Aegis NVX User Manual found here.


In the past we have commented on such devices having a physical keypad as the NVX does, rather than a digital keypad where the numbers are randomly placed.  The key to the NVX is that there is no software within this device that can be compromised, something that is necessary with the digital keypad we had mentioned.  Capricorn related that this keypad has been 10,000 touch tested and the NVX does achieve better security through its lack of hardware.  Everything is built into the firmware.

Lastly pricing…  In drawing a comparison to similar devices manufactured by Ironkey, Datalocker, and Secure Data, we do find the Apricorn Aegis NVX to be rather pricey, but then again, it is different from all of these in the way it achieves its security, and of course the fact that it is 3 times faster than anything else on the market at 1000MB/s data transfer speeds.  It also comes with a rock solid 3-year warranty.



Apricorn Aegis NVX Secure SSD Rating

Product Build
3-Year Warranty
Price and Availability

1GB/s Secure SSD Speeds ACHIEVED!

The Apricorn Aegix NVX 1TB Secure SSD is the first of its kind to achieve this level of security, coupled with speedy data transfer speeds up to 1000MB/s. It comes with a 3-year warranty and is an amazing build.

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