Sabrent Releases ThunderBolt 3 CFExpress Type B and SDXC UHS II Card Readers

Sabrent recently sent us two of their newest card readers to have a look at and we were no less than impressed.  They are the Sabrent ThunderBolt 3 CFExpress Type B Card Reader along with the Sabrent UHS-II SDXC/microSD Card Readers.  Both of these readers connect by way of a Type-C cable,  the SD/microSD reader having a 6″ fixed cable and operates at USB 3.2 Gen 1 5Gbps speeds up to 312MB/s.  The Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 CFExpress Type C Reader has two separate much longer Type-C cables, one being a Thunderbolt 3 Type-C to Type-C cable while the other is a Type-C to Type-A cable.

What stands out most about these readers, and pretty much all of Sabrent’s products, is their incredible build quality.  Both are constructed of a solid metal which dissipates any internal heat and both have a flat black and grey anodized surface with an incredible feel.  They are solid and one would believe a truck could run these over and they would be fine for further use.  So let’s start with the Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 CFExpress Type B Card reader which is capable of 40Gbps data transfer up to 1700MB/s.

This reader comes with a black rubber protective cover, has a blue activity LED on top and we truly appreciate how it has a spring for inserting and removing the CFExpress Type B Card.  We tested several of our cards in this device and they all returned performance of just under 1700MB/s read and just over 1400MB/s write which is as can be expected from any quality reader.

We threw’ in Sabrents own CFExpress Type B CFX 512GB Type B Card and this was our result which we thought rather impressive.  Checking Amazon, we can see the Sabrent Thunderbolt 3 CFExpress Type B Card Reader at $129.99.

Next up, we have the Sabrent Type-C SD/microSD UHS-II Card Reader which has a permanently affixed cable and slots on its face for the SD and microSD cards.  Personally speaking, I like readers that allow me to plug in my longer Type-C cable but fully understand the portability of this solution on-the-go.

This reader also has a blue LED activity light on the top and this can be found on Amazon for $34.99.  We tested this device with Sabrent’s own 64GB SDXC V90 card, one that we have been using in our trail cams for months and it immediately turned out this impressive performance:

So there you have it; two more incredible products from Sabrent that are worthy of consideration for anyone’s digital media kit.  Both products come with a one-year warranty that doubles to two-years on registration.

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