Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate SDXC Card (64GB) Review


What kind of review would this be if we didn’t include real world testing? When you are out in the field and taking photos, you need to know that your equipment is up to the task. That there are no hidden surprises when the going gets tough, the tough get going. In addition to the 64GB Kingston Ultimate, I have a 32GB Samsung Pro and a 16GB SanDisk Extreme for the testing comparison.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB comparison

So, for this next test I will be comparing how long it takes for my Canon 6D’s image burst buffer to offload onto the cards after it fills. For standardization and comparison, the camera settings will be shooting at ISO 100, 1/160th of a second, aperture f/4.

SDXC Real World Write Speed Comparison

With the 64GB Kingston Ultimate I was able to take a total of 21 image burst before burst speed started to stutter and slow down. The time it took for the buffer to offload to the card after the slowdown was 8 seconds. Then I was able to shoot another 21 images again after that.

The 16GB SanDisk Extreme I have got to a 20 image bursts before stutter and slow down. And then it took the same 8 seconds for the buffer to offload to the card.

The 32GB Samsung Pro only gets to a 17 image burst and surprisingly takes an agonizing 18 seconds for the buffer to offload the images to the card! That is quite odd as it is rated at 40MB/s write. This just goes to show you that you can’t always go off the listed specs on products.


The Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate is a great SDXC card. Benchmarked to hit a high of 86MB/s read and 47MB/s write, this card will be great for full 1080p HD and 3D video recording and easily support continuous burst modes and reduce stutter when shooting stills.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB packaging

As you seen with the Samsung Pro, advertised speeds are one thing, putting your equipment to use can reveal a completely different story. From its looks to performance and the lifetime warranty to boot, this card has it going on. If you are on the lookout for a newer faster memory card for your camera, add this one to your list!

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Review Overview


Quality in Gold

Delivering up to 86MB/s read and 47MB/s write speeds, he Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate SDXC Card is a high performing memory card at a decent price point for anyone in the market. If you are looking for a new card yourself, add this one to your comparison list!

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