Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate SDXC Card (64GB) Review

For today’s review we have the Kingston Class 10 UHS-1 Ultimate SDXC 64GB card. Kingston has been making reliable, high performance memory for many years. This SDXC card is no exception. It supports UHS-I technology and supports Class 10 performance when used in a non-UHS-I capable device. What is UHS-I? UHS stands for Ultra High Speed. The “-I” denotes that the card should have at least a minimum write speed of 10MB/s, aka, Class 10 performance. You will commonly see this as a “U” with a “1” inside it. The Kingston Ultimate easily meets this spec. and is rated at 45MB/s write and 90MB/s read speeds.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB main 2


It comes in a pretty typical SD card package. On the front are the Kingston logo and a clear plastic shell holding the card for show. On the back there is the just the product SKU code and pictorial guide showing that the SDHC devices are not compatible with  SDXC cards.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB packaging frontKingston Ultimate 64GB packaging back

 The card does not come with a plastic clamp shell case as SanDisk SD cards normally do. I would personally like to see a clamp shell come with my cards as it gives me a safe place to store them when I toss them in my camera bag.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB front

The card is standard SD card dimensions 24mm x 32mm x 2.1mm. On the front is a nice gold sticker with the Kingston logo specs listed. To me the gold stands out and makes a statement about it being more of a premiere SDXC card rather than your run-of-the-mill SD card. This is further reinforced by its advertised speeds of 90MB/s read, 45MB/s write and the lifetime warranty with free technical support provided by Kingston.

Kingston Ultimate 64GB back

Capacities available include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and cost is just under $1 per GB, so there is a capacity for almost anyone’s price point needs. When formatted via exFAT, the usable capacity of the 64GB card we have is 59.7GB. This allows for plenty of room for my RAW images on my Canon 6D. It actually hits the image counter limit on the top LCD to show as “1999” image capacity left. This card will definitely allow me go multiple shoot without the need to format. This is great as in case of an accidental deletion of an image or data corruption on my system I can always get the RAW file back off the card if I cannot get to a backup.

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