Glyph 2TB AtomRAID Portable SSD Review – Amazing 950MB/s Speeds


We elected to test the Glyph AtomRAID against the Samsung T3, ADATA SE730, as well as testing the Atom in USB 3.1 mode.  Most impressive were the speeds that we saw immediately when pushing this SSD to its limits:

Glyph True File Transfer Speed

As much as we may have scoffed at the compressible speeds around the 900MB/s mark, this is probably the absolute best indicator of just how fast the Glyph AtomRAID does its job.  

Glyph Comparison Chart

The Glyph AtomRAID is a powerhouse and easily surpassing the other SSDs with its USB 3.1 Gen 2 speeds, a perfect example being its transfer of 25GB of video files twice as fast as the T3 and more than 3 times as fast as the ADATA SE730.  Counting our HD video files makes things a bit more understandable as each HD movie was transferred at around 1.5-2 seconds.


The Glyph AtomRAID SSD is the fastest external we have tested…period.  It is a RAID-0 configuration, providing both performance and capacity in an external storage solution. As much as its price and physical size might be just a bit more than similar solutions, the Glyph AtomRAID fills a void that has always been present with those serious about media storage and media manipulation.  Transfer speed is everything to the media professional. 

Glyph AtomRAID 2TB External SSD

For me personally, this AtomRAID couldn’t have arrived at a better time as we spent the past two weeks travelling throughout Thailand, resulting in thousands of pictures and videos being stored…all on the Glyph AtomRAID.  Even nicer was the fact that I could work with my media files right from the AtomRAID, not suffering any speed loss through transfer of large files, such as those 30-40MB pictures of my Canon 5D Mk IV.

Glyph AtomRAID 2TB External SSD

At the end of the day, this SSD is simply one of my favorite ‘go-to’ gadgets and can be found in my camera bag always.  Price, product build, warranty, capacity and speed ensure this pulls off an Editor’s Choice Award.  Great product Glyph!

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Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt

Glyph AtomRAID 2TB External SSD

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Performance Speeds
Pricing and Availability


The Glyph AtomRAID could just be the worlds fastest external SSD, and with 2TB capacities to boot, this is an great portable storage solution.

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