Dell ST2220T 21.5″ Touch Screen Monitor Review – Video


Managing screen positioning was something that also surprised us as the screen can be set at any angle from almost upright to completely flat and it remains in place.

blankThe ST2220T is supported by an A Frame stand and we thought we might get a few exterior shots to show the beauty of its design.  Its casing is of high gloss black plastic with an embedded Dell logo on the rear and screen is high gloss as well.  At its thickest point, the monitor is just over 2″ thick and the monitor has a very sleek and clean look.


I stated right from the outset that I wasn’t a monitor reviewer and, well, we have found my ‘Achilles Heel’ as it seems.  This report s a review from the average user to the average user and maybe that’s why it may just hold a bit of significance in someones purchasing decision.  With respect to color and viewing angles, I am very happy.  There were no dead pixels whatsoever on receipt and the color is absolutely wonderful.  For those who enjoy fine tuning things, there are plenty of options for screen customization in the monitors menu. As we mentioned, the only concern that one might have with respect to the monitor is the reflection from the gloss screen depending on its angle but that is nothing that we haven’t found to be an issue whatsoever as of yet.


In considering the format of this brief review, we knew that words and pictures alone on a touch screen monitor just wouldn’t cut it.  Regardless of how well we tried to explain scrolling smoothness and how we flew through the internet and applications within Windows 7, words just don’t speak volumes in this case.  We have put together a small video depicting the Dell ST2220T Touch Screen Monitors ease of use and  hope this assists in your decision with respect to this monitor.  Enjoy and please excuse that we are not professional videographers.


The Dell ST2220T 21.5″ Touch Screen Monitor was a great surprise to say the least. I find that I am relying on it more as each day passes and it is completely responsible for a much larger monitor sitting dormant in the corner of the office.  Not only has the Dell ST2220T Touch Screen enhanced the speed and technique by which I publish articles, but also,  it has injected a certain amount of ‘fun’ back into the whole process.


Great Price Bringing A Touch Screen In Line With Other Quality Monitors.

Completely Painless Installation and Your Up and Running.

Preset Win7 and Dell (Flicks) Gesture Render Your Mouse Past Tense.

An Absolute Addiction For Daily Scrolling and Surfing The Net


Some May Have to Reposition Glossy Screen.

As It is of A-Frame Design, there is no Height Adjustment.

All in all, great job on the Touch Screen Dell!  This one will soon be joined by its twin!




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    I have this monitor as part of a multiple monitor set up. One problem I found was that it has to be the primary monitor or the touch doesn’t work. If it’s the sec on monitor for example and yo touch the screen the mouse moves on the primary monitor. I hope there is some way round this as it’s less than ideal.

  2. blank

    What are the length and height dimensions?

  3. blank

    What kind of stylus pen did you use?

  4. blank

    idk about this main monitor nonsense cuz thats what it defiantly works as im looking at it right now as my 2nd from my asus g50vt-x5 laptop and it works great!!!! the only problem is theres no multi-touch!!!! the windows 7 touch pack games dont work because you can only get 2 touches at a time so it should really be called a two touch insted of multi but its beautiful it really is pretty so pretty i really dont care that it doesnt work right lol

  5. blank

    how is the connection setup like? VGA port + USB ?
    any drivers to make it work with other OS, say, linux ?
    would it work with thin-client box?

  6. blank

    1 additional CON: No VESA mount 🙁

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    Great monitor been using for 3 days now touch lags but not to much to be a pain in the a@@e

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