Cougar Challenger ATX PC Case Review – A Bold New Arrival

Of the three designs, the neon orange is the most wild. It would have been great if Cougar had included face plates to change the look to user preference, as the Challenger comes in alternative colours of black, as well as silver:

Starting off the tour, the front has three 5.25″ drive bays, as well as a 3.5″ expansion. Underneath that resides a massive 200mm fan. This entire area is covered by an air-filtered mesh panel covering which looks and feels great, and can be easily removed from the bottom:


The 200mm fan glows red when turned on, and it can be removed in favour of two 120mm/140mm fans.


blankMoving to the back we have the I/O cut-out, and a 120mm rear-exhaust fan sharing similar properties to the one in the front. Right below that are three rubber grommets (1.2 each) for wire pass-through/water cooling.


blankSeven PCI expansion slots are available, with a ventilation grill next to them, which also includes a locking mechanism great for protecting the case at places such as LAN parties. Finally, the power-supply area graces its usual spot at the very bottom.

The top is the real place of interest. There is a large mesh covering a substantial area which is great for ventilation, but does not include filters. Therefore, two 120mm/140mm fans, or one 180mm/200mm fan can be installed here, including radiators for water cooling:



  1. blank

    I bought this case over the holidays,, came with soft rubber feet that were removable.

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    what is the molex cable coming out of the top for ?hd power?

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