Western Digital My Passport Wireless SSD Review (2TB)



One can configure the My Passport Wireless SSD initially either through the smartphone App ‘My Cloud’  We chose to follow the Web UI initially by connecting our laptop to the My Passport WiFi signal and typing ‘’ into the address bar.

The Web UI is your best source for drive information and the Admin menu allows you to set a device password, choose a language, enable or disable SSH and FTP access, restore the unit to factory settings, and also to save a shortcut on the laptop, rather than having to remember the address to type in again.  The Hardware menu allows you to view the battery life and change between ‘Performance’ or ‘Battery Life’ mode, has a Drive Lock which shuts down any access to a computer via USB (only WiFi), and has a Shut Down/ReBoot switch.

The Media Menu allows you to download and install the PLEX Media or Twonky DLNS Server, but most importantly, let’s you choose as to whether you want automatic import of SD card or ‘One Touch’, whether you want all files always copied, or only new files, and also has a ‘Copy Now’ switch.  The same is available for USB in the case of an external data storage device or adapter being connected.


This is the My Passport Wireless SSD Storage folder which contains just about anything you can imagine to set up and test your device.  It includes WD Access and WD Backup to get everything running smoothly on your PC.  There is actually quite a bit of learning materials to allow one to perfect their My Passport, however, we still wish setting up an FTP were clarified a bit more than a para in the Users Manual.


The My Cloud App is available on both Android and IOS and will be the first thing you download to get started.  It is very easy to understand on has several options to help us along.  If you are planning to use FTP transfer, it does not contain the switch to enable that and we have to go to the Web UI in that instance.  The Ringtone in these pictures is not part of this program, however is part of my Samsung Note 8 when I take a screenshot using the volume button.blank

On initial installations we found that picture previews weren’t working for our RAW files, a common issue with the Canon 5DMkIV RAW format.  We then went into the App Settings and cleared the cache and… fixed.  This was a good thing.  blank

Something else we appreciate that people need to understand is that RAW files transferred via WiFi take up ALOT of bandwidth.  Having a ‘Warn on Data Plan’ switch in the menu was a definite plus.

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    Dear Les Tokar ,

    I am very interesting with your teardown result with WD Mypassport wireless ssd. I am writing to you to inquire some opinion from you. Do you think it is possible we teardown the device and upgrade the SATA SSD to biger storage size? I am wondering if there is any chips controling it in this device.

    I look forward to hear from you,
    Thank you for your time,

    Yi-An Chen

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