Techman SSD XC100 Series NVMe SSD Review (3.2TB)


Our last set of profiles include File Server and Web Server workloads. As mentioned before the last hour of preconditioning, the average IOPS, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.

Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB FS PreTechman SSD XC100 3.2TB FS IOPSTechman SSD XC100 3.2TB FS Lat

The File Server profile is based on an 80% read/20% write mix. It’s made up of block sizes from 512 to 64K, each making up a different percentage of the access pattern. The pattern is: 512 bytes=10%, 1k=5%, 2k=5%, 4k=60%, 8k=2%, 16k=4%, 32k=4%, 64k=10%.

During the File Server benchmark we can see very similar performance to that of our Email Server results, though slightly lower. Again, under this mixed workload use it shows slower results than the rest of the test pool.

Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB WS PreTechman SSD XC100 3.2TB WS IOPS Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB WS Lat

The Web Server profile is similar to the File Server profile, but has some additional 128K and 512K accesses thrown in for good measure. Additionally, the profile is 100% reads.

For the Web Server benchmark the XC100 finally shows some strength! Overall, it reached 185K IOPS, beating out the rest of the test pool. Latency remains under 0.25ms until QD32, then raises up to 1.38ms at QD256.

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