Techman SSD XC100 Series NVMe SSD Review (3.2TB)


Sequential performance is measured similarly to the other two tests before. The drive is first secure erased to get it in a clean state. Next, we precondition the drive with a 128KB sequential write workload at QD256 until the drive is in a steady state. Finally, we cycle through QD1-256 for 5 minutes each for writes and then reads. All this is scripted to run with no breaks in between. The last hour of preconditioning, the average MB/s, and average latency for each QD is graphed below.

Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB Seq Pre

Sequential results are mostly well above the 1.4GB/s rating, however, we can see there are dips down to 900-950MB/s throughout. Latency averages in the low 20s as well.

Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB Seq Read Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB Seq Read Lat

The Techman XC100 is showing its dominance during the read tests. During sequential reads it outshines the test pool from QD 2-256 and reaches a high of 3180MB/s. Latency maintains under 2ms until QD32 and reaches a high of nearly 11ms at QD256.

Techman SSD XC100 3.2TB Seq WriteTechman SSD XC100 3.2TB Seq Write Lat

In sequential write testing the XC100 is beat out by both the Intel and HGST, although, its performance of 1.5GB/s is very impressive still, especially considering it is rated for just 1.4GB/s.

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