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The Patriot Hellfire M.2 NVMe SSD burned through our test bed with ease. It achieved its rated specifications of 3GB/s read and 2.4GB/s write in ATTO. When testing with Crystal Disk Mark and our other synthetic tests that utilize compressed data it returned, though slightly lower, very good speeds of 2.7GB/s read and 1.4GB/s write. Taking into consideration the results we got previously with the Phison E7 controller based PNY CS2030, the 4K QD1 performance was where we were expecting it to be as well. It achieved 4K reads that were in the mid- high 40MB/s range and 4K writes reached nearly 200MB/s in CDM. In the multi-threaded portions of our benchmarks, it was able to reach over 235K/185K IOPS read/write.

Patriot Hellfire 480GB SSD PCB

Moving onto our more realistic workloads with PCMark 8, the Hellfire didn’t disappoint once again. With an average bandwidth of over 550MB/s in the normal run, it ranked neck and neck with the 1TB Samsung 960 EVO. The differentiator between these two drives was their performance in PCMark 8’s extended test that bombards the drives with more writes than you can shake a stick at. During this test, while it wasn’t the absolute best, the Patriot Hellfire held its own against some of the best PCIe drives in the market.

Finally, when we threw it on our power module and threw a 30GB folder of files at it, the Hellfire did very well. It averaged a 1.2GB/s write speed and proved to be very efficient during the transfer. It even tied with the Samsung 960 EVO 1TB in terms of efficiency. Even during idle the Hellfire’s power consumption result ranked very close to the Samsung 960 EVO.


Patriot Hellfire 480GB SSD

After setting a blaze in today’s review, we have to say we are impressed with the Patriot Hellfire. The Patriot Hellfire doesn’t come with any accessories and the 3-year warranty is shorter than the more expensive Samsung 960 PRO or OCZ RD400, but it gives them a run for their money. Speaking of money, the pricing is very competitive for this caliber of product and overall, it is a very solid product that stands its own in the high-end SSD market segment. If you are in search of a new M.2 PCIe SSD, the Patriot Hellfire is a good buy. It isn’t the best out there, but it also won’t cost you an arm and a leg and will give you very comparable performance. We award the Hellfire our Silver Seal.



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The Patriot Hellfire is a fast & efficient SSD. Sure the Patriot Hellfire isn't the fastest or the most affordable PCIe SSD option out there, but with multiple GB/s performance figures and a mainstream price point, it is a great buy for anyone looking for a high-performance NVMe SSD. We're sure it won't disappoint.

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    The 960 EVO’s also have a 3-year warranty; the 960 Pro series has a 5-year warranty.

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      Yes, you’re right, but 960 EVO is a TLC drive, while Hellfire is MLC, MyDigitalSSD BPX is better here, it is the only one of this class with 5 years warranty

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    Hopefully this model doesn’t die spontaneously.

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