Patriot Hellfire SSD Review (480GB) – Fast & Efficient


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. Performance is virtually identical, regardless of data sample so we have included only that using random data samples.

480GB Patriot Hellfire CDM

Crystal Disk Mark’s results are lower than what ATTO reports, but on the product brief, Patriot lists CDM to be rated for up to 2550MB/s read and 1260MB/s write. Given the above result we can see it easily surpasses those speeds and overall, shows very compared to the rest of the PCIe SSD market.


The toughest benchmark available for solid state drives is AS SSD as it relies solely on incompressible data samples when testing performance. For the most part, AS SSD tests can be considered the ‘worst case scenario’ in obtaining data transfer speeds and many enthusiasts like AS SSD for their needs. Transfer speeds are displayed on the left with IOPS results on the right.

480GB Patriot Hellfire AS SSD480GB Patriot Hellfire AS SSD IOPS480GB Patriot Hellfire AS SSD COPY

The results shown by AS SSD align with what we would normally expect based upon a drive’s earlier performance in CDM. Overall, the Patriot Hellfire achieved 2784 points. It surpassed its read and write IOPS ratings and did very well in the copy test.


Anvil’s Storage Utilities (ASU) are the most complete test bed available for the solid state drive today. The benchmark displays test results for, not only throughput but also, IOPS and Disk Access Times. Not only does it have a preset SSD benchmark, but also, it has included such things as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests, all of which are very simple to understand and use in our benchmark testing.

480GB Patriot Hellfire ANVIL

In Anvil Storage Utilities, we can see that the Hellfire reached an overall score of 10.4K. Reads maxed at 2GB/s and writes at 1.2GB/s.


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    The 960 EVO’s also have a 3-year warranty; the 960 Pro series has a 5-year warranty.

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      Yes, you’re right, but 960 EVO is a TLC drive, while Hellfire is MLC, MyDigitalSSD BPX is better here, it is the only one of this class with 5 years warranty

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    Hopefully this model doesn’t die spontaneously.

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