Netstor NA611TB3 Dual NVMe SSD TB3 Enclosure Review


The Netstor NA611TB3 NVME SSD TB3 External Device has a great deal to be looked at, although we have to say that it is flat out one speedy device.  Installation. As a reviewer, I can rip anything apart with ease and…well… sometimes there might even be an extra screw or two remaining when it comes to reassembly.  I would be hesitant in stating that SSD installation for the typical user wouldn’t be a bit worrisome.  Handling three separate pieces is just not that comforting to anyone.

Build.  The build is actually very well done and the electronics slide in and out of the unit with ease, placing all components and ports perfectly.  Having said that, I just know I would damage this greenish blue skin at some point.  We might suggest permanently affixing this to the unit if possible.  The dual TB3 ports, tied in with the multi-speed active cooling for the unit, are a great touch.


Price and availability.  We were forthright at the start of this report in stating that we were a bit late to the game at getting to this review.  We might suggest that a new version might be on the horizon as availability in the most popular e-tailers is quite limited.  Pricing as well… We can find this at $359 which might be a bit steep considering that two NVMe SSDs are a must to get it up and running.  Even at the best pricing this gives it a $1350 price tag for the setup we tested today.  Having said that, the build is very well thought out and including the extras such as adjustable fan and dual port TB3 for multi-device daisy chain is great.


Now… to performance.  Aiming directly at our true file testing this device is the absolute fastest we have seen move OS files to date, and it also right up there with other top level TB3 RAID0 devices when looking at media transfers.  It is just fast and this device would be gold in the hands of those working with media.

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Netstor NA611TB3 External TB3 Storage Review

Product Build and Features
User Assembly
TB3 Performance
Pricing and Availability
Two Year Warranty

True TB3 Speeds.

The Netstor NA611TB3 External Storage Device accepts two NVMe SSDs for blazing fast RAID0/1 (or JBOD) performance. It has a two year warranty and has a variable cooling fan along with dual Type-C ports for daisy chains of up to 6 devices.

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