Kingston Displays Gen 4 and Enterprise SSD Line-Up, Select React Plus 300MB/s SD Cards & Lots More | CES 2020 Update

Gen 4 SSDs have been the most popular feature with respect to upcoming storage at CES 2020 and Kingston had their new ‘Grandview ES’ on display.  This SSD will be a mid-range Gen 4 SSD when released. 


This SSD features the Marvell Whistler plus 12nm PCIe 4 controller, is a 4-channel device at 1.2GT/s per channel, promises low power and heat for mobile platforms and will be available in capacities from 500GB to 2TB.


One of the most common questions that we received at CES was with respect to lower performing SSDs such as this.  After all, if you are moving to PCIe 4.0 why wouldn’t you push all the way up to 7GB/s?  Mobile platforms.  In order to achieve such high speeds in Gen 4×4 SSDs, special consideration has to be given to heat dissipation and cooling.  That is just not possible in the ultra world where we see ultrabooks as thin as a smartphone. Solutions such as this will see performance in and around 4GB/s in ultrabooks and similar devices which is a very sweet performance point for any ultra under 2lbs.

We can expect more information around Computex but, as this is a prototype, further information such as NAND flash memory specifics was unavailable at this time.


The Kingston Seccos ES is expected to be available in the second quarter of this year and is capable of 3.5GB/s read and 3GB/s write with capacities ranging from 250MB to 2TB. Little information is available on this SSD at this time, however, once again…stay tuned and keep an eye on the Kingston product line.



 Kingston has had a great deal of success with their Canvas line-up of SD cards and, so much so, that they have made some very interesting upgrades.  They have now moved their Select SD cards into a 3-tier family separated by performance.


All feature SD and microSD versions with the Select Plus coming in at 100MB/s, the G0 Plus at 170MB/s and the React Plus coming in at a whopping 285MB/s for microSD and 300MB/s for SD card.


The React Plus line is a UHS-II device and comes with a UHS-II host USB adapter in order to achieve 300MB/s transfer speeds.  So… if you are a camera buff as I, file transfer is much sweeter through card removal from the camera and media transfer through the adapter plugged into your PC.  The React Plus line-up is expected to include 128, 256 and 512GB capacity cards.  This CDM displays the React Plus microSD in action.


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    Geeze, when PCIe 5 shows up we’ll be looking for NVMe liquid cooling kits.

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