Crucial BX300 SSD Review (480GB) – Now Featuring 3D MLC NAND


In addition to the normal run results, we wanted to see what we would get out of the BX300 once we enabled Crucial’s Momentum Cache. By the looks of the results below, there are definitely performance gains to be had.

Crystal Disk Mark

Crucial BX300 CDM Momentum Cache

In Crystal Disk Mark sequential performance multiplies just as the 4K random results do.

Anvil Storage Utilities

Crucial BX300 Anvil Momentum Cache

In Anvil the overall score improved dramatically for write performance and the overall score improved by about 3x the original result.

PCMark 8

Crucial BX300 PCMark 8 Momentum Cache

In PCMark 8 we see an improvement of about 70MB/s on average throughout the test.


  1. GREAT-With this and Toshiba 3d out there perhaps the race to the bottom is over.
    If this is priced right perhaps we can say RIP planer TLC and ram-less drives.

  2. it may be time to buy ssds again. if they start using mlc again.

  3. This means I can ignore Intel’s Optane for a little while longer.

  4. Curious as to what indicates this SSD uses SLC caching mode when it sports the DRAM that the SMI 2258HX normally uses as the caching element…

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