ASRock X99 OC Formula Review – SSD Performance Differs Slightly With the X99


In the grand scheme of things, if you were looking to find a complete review of the X99 ASRock OC Formula motherboard, accept my apologies as I am not a motherboard reviewer.  I am also not a overclocker but it was pretty simple to reach 4.5Ghz on the 5960X chip and push our Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 memory as well. This report might be a great example of how even the best boards can be utilized by amateur, enthusiast and extreme overclockers alike.


Now if you approached this report from the storage side of things, this report just might be of interest.  As much as it is possible that our testing could be the result of a single board, board manufacturer, or chip, we think there will be a large contingent of new X99 owners wondering why their SSD benchmarks aren’t as high as they were with their previous boards.  Imagine creating a new build with this board and seeing lower Intel P3700 NVMe SSD performance than you had on your former build; that complaint is already out there.  Closer to home, image wondering why that new Samsung XP941 won’t even hit 100MB/s in low 4K random write performance.  These are the things that can drive PC geeks nuts.

X99 Test Bench Shadowed 2

Looking at the overall storage benchmarks though, the X99 seems to shift disk access performance from one angle to another, and in fact, might be of great benefit depending on the task at hand. Sure it is easy to focus on that XP941 M.2 low random 4K result of 80MB/s, but examining the entire benchmark displays better performance all around.  In fact, when we examine the AS SSD of the NVMe drive, Total Points went from 3869 originally to 4442 with the new OS in the X99 system.  That is a significant jump. We just won’t be seeing those optimized results that we have become used to; the test with the Samsung 840 Pro SSD was proof of that.

ASRock X99 OC Formula Ultra M.2 2

What I like most about this board is that ASRock has once again stepped things up and, not only included two M.2 X4 slots, but they also took the next step to incorporate M.2 PCIe Gen 3.0.  This speaks to innovation, as much as it does ASRock’s efforts to be the top dog motherboards.  Small things such as the ability to reset to UEFI by USB or a dedicated button have proven their use already, just as the ease in pushing this board to 4.5Ghz, made understanding the ASRock OC Formula X99 motherboard within the grasp of just about any PC user.

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World Record OC Board!

Not only is the ASRock OC Formula the World Record Holder for overclocking at 6593Mhz, but also, this motherboard is jam-packed with features one wouldn't expect, to include dual M.2 ports, one-click overclocking, a reset to UEFI button...and to top it off, this board is even waterproof!

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    Is it an Asrock difference or a matter of X99 chipset? Would you try a top competitor board to let us know?

    • blank

      If you check out the link yo the Legit report, you will see that this has manifested in other test boards as well.

      Absolutely I would try any other boards we could get our hand on.

      • blank

        Thank you for your comment. I got an Asus X99 Rampage V and my M2 xp941 512 will be arriving soon. I will report on m2 performance of the board once I get this all set up.

      • blank

        It is worth noting the large difference of EVGA X99 Classified in that review!

      • blank

        The differenc is significant, however, much lower than we are seeing from the Z97 or even 87 before that. Hopefully we can get a EVGA board in hand for testing.

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    Did you test with any RAID cards, more specifically LSI 9260? Interested to know if it plays well with the UEFI.

  3. blank

    Any use software raiding the 2 x M.2 slots?

    • blank

      I could run two x XP941’s through this if you like, just to make sure thjings are in order. It would give you 2Gb/s in, while using as little space as possible. It also takes up 8 of your 40 count lanes (in our case) leaving some interesting options.

      • blank

        Thanks for the reply. Yea I was curious as I am very attracted to this board due to its storage options. But from my reading, I believe you can raid 0 M.2 only through software raid.

  4. blank

    I have Asus rampage V x99 and 5960x, and have noe performance issues with my Intel P3700 or Samsung 850Pro’s

    P3700 @ Rampage V

    2x 850Pro r-0 @ pch Rampage V


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