ASRock Extreme9 X79 Motherboard Review – ASRock Earns Recognition as The Overclocking King


Next up we began testing with Hyper Pi to test the motherboard and CPU combination at very high usage levels. Hyper Pi runs one instance on each core of the processor simultaneously, both virtual and physical cores. In this test we are running 12 instances of 32M to test the maximum performance of the processor. Each of the 12 tests will calculate Pi to 32 Million decimal places!

With 12 instances, we are looking at 384,000,000 million Pi decimal places being calculated.

Essentially a race to finish 12 simultaneous calculations, the lower time is better.

Keeping with our power monitoring theme, we also observed this power usage for Hyper Pi. Again, this amount of power draw is still very high above anything that one would experience during the lifetime of a computer, be it overclocked or not. These are some of the most extreme loads that you can put on the processor!


Cinebench is a very CPU intensive benchmark. It is based upon CINEMA 4D which is a commonly used program for 3d graphic creations for studios and production houses. Using the CPU for rendering is a good way to really push the performance up a notch. The higher score is better.

Power Results follow:


  1. Awesome card, when I get my 3960X, this is the board I want the most. Foaming at the mouth.

  2. can you do a review of the EVGA Classified SR2 which is dual socket board

  3. Where is the Rampage IV Extreme? I would love to see you guys do a review of that board, arguably the highest end X79 board, and then compare it with the ASRock Extreme9, comparing performance AND performance-per-dollar…

    • Excellent thought Nick and Thanks. Unfortunately we haven’t the resources (steady mobo reviewer) to accomplish this and, as we know, motherboard reviewers are some of the most intensive you can find. WE have the contacts and, should a reviewer avail himself in the future, this will definitely be considered.

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