Velobit SSD HyperCache Offers 4x Performance Increase with 62% Cost Reduction

Lincoln, MA “ August 15, 2012VeloBit, a provider of high-performance SSD caching software, today announced the immediate general availability of VeloBit HyperCache for VMware and VeloBit HyperCache for Citrix XenServer. VeloBits SSD caching software now supports the broadest range of operating systems and hypervisors in the industry while also avoiding hardware vendor lock-in.

IT managers seeking to get more out of their virtualized environment can use VeloBit to increase virtual machine density and accelerate performance of storage, applications, and databases.

An independent performance evaluation performed by Demartek demonstrated that VeloBit HyperCache increases VMware performance 4.4x, making it the fastest VMware SSD caching software that Demartek has tested. Demartek also found VeloBit HyperCache to reduce the cost per transaction by 62% compared to NetApp E2600 disk storage array. VeloBit HyperCache delivers distinguished performance using patented algorithms that take advantage of behaviors specific to solid state drives.

Adding support for VMware and Citrix XenServer merely three months after our first product was released demonstrates VeloBits commitment to rapidly meeting customer needs, said Duncan McCallum, co-founder and CEO of VeloBit. Looking ahead, we will deliver additional solutions for VMware and other virtualization environments in the near future.

With this product release, VeloBit now supports the following operating systems and hypervisors: Linux, KVM, OpenVZ, VMware, Citrix XenServer, Xen, Windows [beta], and Hyper-V [beta].

About VeloBit

VeloBit provides plug & play SSD caching software that dramatically accelerates applications at a remarkably low cost. VeloBit uses Solid State Disk (SSD) to create a transparent application acceleration layer that boosts I/O performance by 10x. The software installs seamlessly in less than 10 minutes and automatically tunes for fastest application speed. VeloBit deploys and operates transparently to existing applications, storage, or data management.

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  1. would this be beneficial for home users however? budget isnt an issue, just performance.

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