VeloBit Celebrates 2ND Birthday With Two Important New Releases

Velobit, a provider of high-performance solid state drive caching software, is marking their second anniversary with two new releases that reflect an amazing two years of growth.

One of the few prior drawbacks to utilization of Velobit software was lack of support for Windows-based operating systems.


VeloBit is pleased to announce that Windows and Hyper-V operating systems are now supported with the latest version of the HyperCache software. This now represents a complete offering of applications covered by VeloBit; including database management, virtual machine applications, distributed processing / big data management, financial analysis research and simulation, e-commerce, social networking, and enterprise search.

Duncan McCallum, co-founder and CEO of VeloBit states “Strong customer demand for our software pulled VeloBit to support every major operating system and hypervisor.  It is a testament to our great engineering team and the quality of our code that we are able to port technology across platforms so quickly.”



The second announcement from VeloBit comes in the form of VeloBit HyperCache’s “Freemium” edition.  The free edition supports unlimited amounts of primary storage, up to 32GB cache on solid state disk (SSD), and up to 4GB cache in RAM; which is typically sufficient to accelerate a database of up to 160GB.  Access to community support forums will also be provided.  IT decision makers will now have the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of HyperCache in their own environment prior to making a purchase commitment.

We were recently privileged to be invited to participate in a three-way phone conversation with VeloBit CEO Duncan McCallum and Peter Velikin, VeloBit Vice President of Marketing.  They are both excited about these latest developments and offerings from VeloBit.  Peter Velikin shared with us a couple of case studies; including the experiences of Masergy, a global telecommunications provider.  Masergy was able to increase their applications performance by 20 times — this reduced processing times from 2 minutes to more like 6 seconds!  Masergy was also able to realize 10 times the data compression as compared to other caching solutions.

According to Kirby Files, Software Architect at Masergy Communications “We evaluated multiple options to accelerate our application and VeloBit proved superior to all alternatives.  VeloBit increased application performance by 20X, significantly more than the alternative solutions we evaluated.  VeloBit compressed data by 10X, which reduced the amount of storage we needed for caching and reduced the I/O load to our primary storage.  Also, since VeloBit is a plug & play all-software solution, we did not have to make any changes to our application or hardware, which saved us months of development effort.  VeloBit is an ideal solution for anyone with intensive I/O applications.”

We then talked about exactly how it is that VeloBit is able to achieve this remarkable 10X data compression compared to alternatives.  The “secret sauce” is their industry-leading “Content Locality Caching” algorithm.  This unique algorithm non-intrusively examines data flows at the byte level, selecting data for the SSD cache in a clever way that maximizes cache hits and delivers the highest performance of any caching solution.  In addition VeloBit compresses all data sent to the SSD, shrinking the amount of SSD required and lowering the load on the SSDs — enabling use of smaller and/or less expensive SSDs than other caching solutions.  The HyperCache software does not require any separate drivers — it is an all-inclusive application.



Next we discussed the readily identifiable benefits of the VeloBit HyperCache software; not the least of which is the obvious lower cost advantage.  Time of deployment is a few minutes or less.  Deployment is non-disruptive and can be transparently shared across multiple servers (including virtual machines).  HyperCache now supports every major operating system and any SSD.  You are not bound to any one vendor for storage hardware.  This is truly a “plug & play” solution.  The end result is low cost, low complexity, rapid deployment, and a huge improvement in storage performance.


The discussion then turned to the future of VeloBit — I inquired of Duncan McCallum as to where he sees his company going in the next two years.  He firmly believes that VeloBit can and will achieve the position of industry-leader for this category.  Their recent partnership with Micron for SSDs for their current 30-day free trial offer has resulted in interest on the part of other potential SSD partners.  It is this writer’s opinion that VeloBit is in a unique position in a relatively young market segment that makes them a prime candidate for a potential OEM partnership or takeover.  Quite an accomplishment in merely two years!

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