Trimming the Lion – Trim Enabler 2.0 for OSX Lion Released and is FREE!

Apple’s OSX operating system has supported TRIM for some time now, however, users of non-Apple SSDs don’t get official support.

Trim Enabler 2.0 has just been released and finds it’s way around that unfortunate decision by fooling OSX into thinking that an aftermarket drive is, in reality, a Apple-branded SSD.  Mac owners, unsatisfied with the price and/or performance of Apple’s SSD offerings, can get TRIM with their own aftermarket SSDs minus the fear of making permanent system changes or the performance degradation associated with TRIM-les systems.

If forcing TRIM, Trim Enabler Trim Enabler can be easily disable if it causes problems in any way.  Trim Enabler 2.0 adds support for OSX Lion, bug fixes, and new features.  Chief among the new additions is the ability to view S.M.A.R.T. data for supported drives, auto updates, and an on/off toggle.

By toggling the command on and off, the program acts as an optimizer of sorts, similar to the manual TRIM available with Intel and Samsung’s SSD software. In that way, users uncomfortable with leaving the command active full-time for compatibly reasons can get the best of both worlds. While most SSDs work perfectly fine in Lion, OSX’s non-Apple SSD support is practically non-existent so some users do experience issues.

Without TRIM, drive performance almost always decreases over time. With TRIM, SSDs can maintain their fresh, out-of box performance indefinitely.

NOTE:  The SSD Review has no personal experience with Trim Enabler and takes no responsibility for the users decision to experiment with this software.  We are simply a news source passing along the news!


  1. “by fooling OSX into thinking that an aftermarket drive is, in reality, a Apple-branded SSD”

    kind of like they way apple fools people into thinking their products are computers. The correct way to trim a mac is with a chainsaw

  2. blank

    Nice to see that the people with no creative flair or capability are still trawling the net for opportunities to be negative or unhelpful as they have nothing better to do. Thank you for the laugh at your ignorance 🙂

    • waaahhhhhhhh! apples really do kick butt! waahhhhhhhhhh! its just a joke or is that illegal now? ………. sneaks off to trawl the net to post negative comments about apple products…suhhh!

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