Toshiba Announces XG6-P NVMe SSD – Industry’s Most Advanced Flash Node and up to 2TB of Capacity– Computex 2019 Update

Toshiba Memory America is kicking off their Computex 2019 presence by announcing the XG6-P NVMe SSD, building on the XG6 series that features class-leading write performance. Toshiba is gearing the new XG6-P towards high-end gaming systems and workstations, as well as for cost-optimized data center usage. The XG6-P series facilitates enhanced data access and application performance by virtue of its 30% higher sequential and random write performance, as well as 15% higher random read speeds than previous versions.

The XG6-P features Toshiba 96-layer BiCS FLASH™ 3D TLC NAND, which allows for capacities of up to 2048 GB, as well as exceptional power efficiency. The XG6-P series utilizes a PCIe Gen 3 x 4 (rev 3.1a) interface, which delivers sequential read speeds of up to 3180MB/s, and sequential write speeds of up to 2920MB/s. Random reads are indicated as up to 355,000 IOPS, with random writes of up to 365,000 IOPS. Operating power consumption is a mere 5W, representing a superior power consumption to performance ratio. Toshiba’s new XG6-P provides an additional M.2 NVMe storage option for data center environments or for client usage.

blankAccording to Alvaro Toledo, Toshiba Memory America’s vice president of SSD marketing & product planning, “With the industry’s broadest SSD portfolio, The XG6-P Series bridges the gap between high-end client and entry-level data center requirements, including burgeoning composable storage architectures that enable high-performance, scale-out designs for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, edge computing and HPC.”


Liqid Inc., a comprehensive composable infrastructure platform provider, will be among the first in integrating Toshiba’s new SSDs into their offerings. Liqid’s vice president of sales & marketing, Marius Tudor, states that “The XG6-P Series continues Toshiba Memory’s commitment to high-value flash solutions for performance-sensitive workloads. Liqid’s portfolio of composable NVMe products will incorporate XG6-P with SED capabilities for industry-leading access speeds to sensitive data. We are excited to expand our collaboration with Toshiba Memory to meet the demands of next generation, data-intensive customer challenges.”

blankThe future-ready NVMe revision 1.3a protocol allows the XG6-P series to provide NVMe-based management and privacy features that are beneficial to both data center and client users. These features include namespace management, telemetry data and sanitize operations. The XG6-P series also offers enhanced security options that include support for TCG Pyrite Version 1.0 (for non-SED configurations) and support for TCG Opal Version 2.01 (for SED configurations), as well as supporting Block SID Authentication and digital signature.

Toshiba Memory will begin sampling the XG6-P later in June of this year, and is available in a single-sided M.2 2280 (22mm x 80mm) form factor.

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