Toshiba Announces PX04S Series of Enterprise 12Gb/s SAS SSDs — Up to 3.84TB Capacity

The Storage Products Business Unit of Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc., a global technology leader, is announcing its next generation of enterprise solid-state drives (eSSDs).  The new PX04S series represents an expansion of the PX lineup, and it will feature four SCSI eSSD models that are optimized for a wide range of enterprise applications.  Usage scenarios include database servers, virtualized enterprise file servers and e-mail servers; also primary storage for read, mixed read/write, and write workloads.

Toshiba PX04S SSD angledThe PX04S utilizes its dual-ported 12Gb/s SAS interface to achieve remarkable performance levels, including random 4K read speeds of (up to) 270,000 IOPS and random 4K write speeds of (up to) 125,000 IOPS.  The PX04S series is offered in capacities of up to 3.84TB.

Toshiba entrprise SSD banner 1Toshiba’s PX04S series is comprised of four model groupings, separated by total drive writes per day (DWPD): High-Endurance (up to 25 DWPD), Mid-Endurance (up to 10 DWPD), Value-Endurance (up to 3 DWPD), and Read-Intensive (up to 1 DWPD).

PX04SHB / High-Endurance (up to 25 DWPD): For usage scenarios requiring top levels  of eSSD performance, reliability and endurance.  This version is geared toward write-intensive virtualized data centers, high-performance computing, and big data analytics.  The PX04SHB is available in capacities up to 1.6TB.

PX04SMB / Mid-Endurance (up to 10 DWPD): For mixed-usage scenarios such as mission-critical hyperscale and virtualized environments, offering very high levels of predictable performance.  Ideal for e-commerce and online transaction processing, the PX04SMB is available in capacities up to 3.2TB.

PX04SVB / Value-Endurance (up to 3 DWPD): Optimized for read-intensive storage and server usage, featuring a balance of capacity, reliability and endurance.  The PX04SVB is geared toward web servers, data warehousing and media streaming.  It is available in capacities up to 3.84TB.

PX04SRB / Read-Intensive (up to 1 DWPD): Targeted to read-intensive web-based workloads, such as data warehousing and video-on-demand (VOD).  The PX04SRB is also available in capacities up to 3.84TB.

Toshiba A19 NAND angledAccording to Cameron Brett, director of SSD product marketing at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit, “This is our third generation of SAS SSDs and our second with 12Gbits/s.  The new PX04S Series leverages years of Toshiba innovation and vertical integration.  The result is an SSD architecture designed and optimized for the next-generation of virtualized enterprise and hyperscale data centers.”

Toshiba entrprise SSD banner 2Toshiba’s PX04S series is built in the 2.5″ x 15mm form factor that is typical in enterprise servers and storage arrays.  The PX04S series also feature power-loss protection, full data path protection, self-encryption, customer-tunable power and performance, and is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Toshiba-LogoToshiba has samples of the PX04S Series available today, and will have the PX04S series on display at the Flash Memory Summit next week in San Jose, CA.  You can visit Toshiba at booth #407.  For more information on the PX04S series of 12Gb/s SAS SSDs, you can visit the PX04s product page here.


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    No thermal tape for these babies. Looks like some serious heat sinking here. They even have to extend it to the interface connector area.

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    These babies cost between 4200 and 6200 EUR a Pop from the cheapest PX04SRB 3.84TB SSD, to the PX04SHB 1.6TB which probably has the same amount of Flash Memory, but with a lot of over provisioning to allow for the huge number of writes per day.
    Now imagine 8 of These in Raid for a gaming , it will probably last for 20 years, allthough i must say, Flash evolves pretty rapidly. Who know maybe well have 16TB 2.5″ ssd at 500 eur in a few years.

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