Toshiba Announces PX02SS Enterprise Solid State Drive For Write-Intensive Applications

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., a global storage products developer and producer, and their Storage Products Business Unit are announcing the PX02SS enterprise solid state drive (eSSD).  This new addition to Toshiba’s eSSD family is optimized for write-intensive usage scenarios, such as data processing and online transaction processing.

The PX02SS utilizes a 12 GB/s SAS interface (backwards compatible with 6 GB/s) in a 2.5″ form factor, with select models featuring industry standard self-encrypting capabilities.  In support of transaction-intensive workloads, the PX02SS supports up to 30 full drive writes per day, and utilizes layered error correction code (ECC) for increased reliability.

Toshiba PX02SS feature

According to Don Jeanette, senior director of product marketing at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit, “Toshiba’s unique integrated SSD design and manufacturing capability ensures that key components of the SSD, including NAND flash, are designed by Toshiba.  Component and design commonality reduces qualification time for our customers and reflects Toshiba’s partner-driven approach to SSD design and manufacturing, helping our customers save time and money.”

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Toshiba’s PX02SS utilizes Toshiba 24nm eMLC NAND, and is offered in capacities of 100GB, 200GB, 400GB and 800GB.  The 100GB-400GB models are 7.0mm z-height, with the 800GB at 15.0mm z-height to accomodate dual PCBs.  The 100GB-400GB versions are rated for up to 1100 MB/s sequential reads, and the 800GB version at 1060 MB/s.  Sequential writes for all capacities are stated as up to 410 MB/s.  Random read speeds for all capacities are stated as 130,000 IOPS, and random writes at 42,000 IOPS.

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The PX02SS eSSD is available now.  Toshiba’s press release for the PX02SS eSSD can be viewed in its entirety here; and the PX02SS product page is available to view here.

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