Toshiba Announces New Enterprise SSD Offerings – FMS 2012 Update

Toshiba is adding some new enterprise SSDS to the mix. Slotting in below their high end SAS MK4001GRZB, the new siblings are armed with lower cost eMLC Toggle.

Holding down the high-performance end, the PX02SM SSD uses Toshibas 24nm eMLC Toggle NAND together with a dual-port 12Gbps SAS interface. Capacities of 200GB to 1600GB have been promised, though 12 gig SAS is still around the corner.

For a price vs. performance play, the PX02AM in 100,200, and 400GB capacities also come equipped with 24nm eMLC, but utilizes a SandForce controller on a SATA 6gbps interface. Intended for midrange and entry servers, the 7mm z-height drive comes equipped with power-loss-protection (PLP) as well.


Lastly, for the popular read-intensive entry level sector, the LSI SandForce powered PX03AN comes in more consumer-oriented SF capacities of 55, 120, 240, and 480 GB. The AN also features PLP to mitigate issues with power loss, a relative rarity in the entry/boot drive enterprise segment.


While the three new additions were seen only in mock ups, the flashship MK4001GRZB SLC SAS drive was demoed in a four way configuration pushing out 340K IOPS with IOmeter. Toshiba is a huge player in both HDDs and flash, and seeing them announce more enterprise SSD offerings isnt surprising, as theyre positioned well in the OEM market and enterprise HDD markets  — not to mention theyre one of the largest NAND producers in the world.

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