sTec Announces s260 Series Of mSATA SSDs — Small Footprint, Ruggedness And Power-Fail Protection For Embedded Applications

sTec, Inc. a world leader in enterprise soild-state storage products (and in the process of being acquired by Western Digital), is introducing the sTec s260 mSATA family of solid-state drives (SSDs).  The s260 series will feature high reliability, a small storage footprint and low power consumption; making them ideal for embedded storage in rugged and/or space-constrained usage scenarios.  The s260 series is targeted toward a broad range of embedded-storage applications, including caching, data logging, fast data backup, code-storage/application hosting and even operating system boot-up.

sTec mSATA SSD full size

sTec’s s260 mSATA SSDs comply with JEDEC standards MO-300A (mSATA) and MO-300B (mSATA-mini), and draw a mere 1.5W of power.  The s260 drives also feature industry-leading reliability via sTec’s proprietary PowerSafe technology.  They can withstand temperature extremes from as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 85 degrees Celsius.  These ruggedness and durability features satisfy the demands of usage environments with restricted airflow and temperature extremes that would otherwise compromise performance and durability.

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According to Zach Mihalis, vice president of product marketing and management at sTec, “Designers are eager for easily integrated SATA drives that can withstand harsh environments and don’t require frequent replacement — and it’s those very conditions where the performance and endurance of these new s260 mSATA drives really shine.  Our heritage of drive performance and reliability, along with the high demand for this popular format in the industrial, networking and telecommunications markets, makes this a logical extension of sTec’s solid-state storage solutions.”

sTec mSATA SSD specs chart

The s260 series will utilize a 6 GB/s SATA interface, and will be offered in both SLC and eMLC versions, with capacities ranging from 16GB to 200GB.  They will also feature powerful error-correction coding (ECC) protocols to help assure data integrity.  sTec’s s260 family of mSATA SSDs feature the same advanced flash management technology and data integrity as their other enterprise SSDs in a form factor less than half the size of a standard 2.5″ drive.  The eMLC versions will be backed by a three-year warranty, while the SLC models will feature a five-year warranty.

sTec embedded mSATA mini banner

The s260 mSATA SSDs are available for sampling today, and can be purchased either directly from sTec or from authorized distributors.  The sTec press release on the s260 series can be viewed in its entirety here; and the s260 product page can be viewed here.

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