SSD of the Week – Adata Premier SP550

It has been a while since our last SSD of the Week post, but after seeing the current prices of the Adata Premier SP550, we just had to bring it back. The Adata Premier SP550 is an entry-level SSD designed to meet the needs of those who want to upgrade to flash storage, but need to pinch pennies at the same time. With this in mind Adata took Silicon Motion’s SM2256 controller and paired it with SK Hynix’s TLC to deliver a very price competitive product. Right now the 480GB model is only $114.99! That is just under $0.24 per GB!

Adata Premier SP550 240GB Final

It is available in capacities of 120GB ($38.99), 240GB ($59.99), 480GB ($114.99), and 960GB ($259.99). Its performance is rated for up to 560MB/s read and 510MB/s write for both the 240GB and 480GB models, however, the 120GB model is only rated for up to 410MB/s write. In terms of IOPS the 240GB and 480GB models are rated for up to 75K IOPS read and write while the 120GB is rated for up to 60K read/70K write.

It features LDPC ECC Technology as well as a RAID Engine & Data Shaping to help extend the flash endurance. The 120GB and 240GB models are rated for up to 90TBW while the 480GB is rated for up to 180TBW and the 960GB model doubles that for a rating up to 360TBW.

Adata Premier SP550 240GB CDM

Accessories include a 2.5″ 7mm-9.5mm spacer for those who will be utilizing this drive in laptops which previously had a standard 2.5″ 9.5mm drive. On top of that Adata has an SSD toolbox you can download to configure, optimize, and monitor your drive. Also, you can download Acronis True image HD off their website as well to aid in migrating your OS to your new SSD.

If you are in the market for a low-cost SSD option be sure to take a look at our review of the 240GB model and see if it is the right match for you. If it is…

Check out the Premier SP550 on Amazon Today!


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    Hi, I am looking for a budget ssd for an older laptop and the SP550 looks like a very attractive choice, but at this price there is also the Integral P Series 4 with MLC and an unspecified Phison controller. Unfortunately I cannot find any reviews for the Integral drive, does anyone have any experience with this UK based firm? I am looking at the 240 gb models. Thanks

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