SSD of The Week – PNY CS2111 XLR8

For this week’s SSD of the Week we have an enthusiast and gamer SSD that is not quite as extreme as last week’s Intel 750 PCIe, but has much more value. You can tell from bright packaging and graphic that it is for a consumer who wants a little flair in their Hard Drive slots.  The PNY CS2111 XLR8 is what we have for you today. PNY is a well-known American company that manufactures a variety of flash products as well as graphics cards.

PNY CS2111 XLR8 480GB Featured

The PNY CS2111 XLR8 is a 7mm 2.5” form factor SSD available in the 240GB (109.99) and 480GB (199.99) capacities. For the benchmarks we see that they definitely a step above the entry level SSDS. This SSD is rated for speeds up to 560MB/s sequential read and 455MB/s sequential write. When we look at the IOPS ratings we it can reach up to 71k read and 75k write. The MTBF rating for this SSD is 1.2 million hours with endurance up to 600TB. Also, the PNY CS2111 XLR8 has 4-year limited warranty where you have a two year warranty by default and get an extra two years by registering with PNY within 90 days of purchase.

As we have mentioned above, the PNY CS2111 XLR8 has really good rated speeds. This has something to do with the very popular Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller PNY has employed for this SSD. The Silicon Motion controller has been a proven go to when designing a SSD with good stability as well as good performance.

PNY CS2111 XLR8 480GB Front

PNY have been known to make competitive products in their field and this SSD is no different. Currently you can buy this SSD around the same price as an entry level SSD. If you are in need of a fast SATA III SSD and don’t want to be bogged down by loading screens and rendering distant objects now is the time to save you time.


This SSD received the Silver Seal in our review here for its vivid appearance, high performance, and top notch value.

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    455 mbs writes are for the 480. The 240 has 320 mbs writes. It seems like most of the new <400 gb ssds have slower write speeds than the previous generation. Is it because of the new nand shrink from 25nm, 20nm, to 16nm. Everyone says sata is saturated but how is that when 2.5 ssds are only getting 560 read and 320 writes and that's only in sequential. The speeds are getting slower unless you get the pro models.

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    5 affiliate links with ad banner bookends and footer? The subtly of these ‘Recycled SSD of the Week’ posts needs some refining.

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    This article states that, “The MTBF rating for this SSD is 1.2 million hours with endurance up to 600TB.” Is this accurate? An endurance of SIX HUNDRED TB?!?! The Samsung Evo 850 only has an endurance rating of 150TB. And this says 600TB? Where did you get this information? Their endurance is NOT listed on their web site. Seems a bit high to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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