SSD of the Week – 1TB Samsung 850 EVO Just $0.33/GB!

We have covered the Samsung 850 EVO in our SSD of the Week before, however, it was to highlight the 500GB capacity. Today we would like to point out a great deal on the 1TB model at just $336.34! That’s just $0.33 per GB for one of the top consumer SSDs out! This price is great considering most 1TB SSDs start around the $380 price point.

Samsung 850 EVO-6

The Samsung 850 EVO 2.5″ model comes in three capacities 120GB ($69.99), 250GB ($117.99), 500GB ($198.00), and 1TB (336.34). There are also M.2 and mSATA variants if you are interested in those. For capacities up to 500GB they utilizes a dual-core MGX controller while the 1TB models utilize a 3-core MEX controller. Paired with their latest 32-layer TLC 3D V-NAND, these SSDs are rated for speeds of up to 540MB/s read and 520MB/s write and up to 98K/90K IOPS read/write. They 850 EVO also offers AES 256-bit encryption support that is compatible with Windows eDrive and support RAPID.

If you would like to check out the full reviews click the following links where they won our Gold Seal and Editor’s Choice awards.

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TSSDR Gold Seal and Editors Choice

The Samsung 850 EVO 1TB is a killer deal right now. We are not sure how long this is going to last, so if you need speed as well as capacity on the low, be sure to…

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    can more that one SSD drive be installed in a Macbook Pro 13 or 15″? I need 2tb of space.

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    Samsung SSD 850 Evo is a life-changer for anyone who uses it. With the sleek and beautiful build quality, Evo 850 does obviously come with a great price tag.

    There are of course different capacities of the given product, but I preferred to use the 120 GB version, largely due to the relatively low price and my actual need of owning an SSD.

    My major requirement was to install the Operating System and few other mostly used applications inside the SSD, so that the whole computer looks so fast. Samsung Evo 850 120 GB SSD has done the job fantastically for me so far and I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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