Silicon Power’s New Velox V70 SSD Moves Up to Toggle

Silicon Power announced a new SATA III SSD today to add to their product stack. Based on the LSI SandForce 2281, the Velox V70 adds Toggle NAND and comes in a metalic-gold package. Toggle NAND and SF-2281’s have gone together like peas and carrots since the processor’s debut, but the switch to 24nm Toggle has brought about more announcements as of late.

The Velox V70 is listed to hit 557MB/s read and 507MB/s write transfer speeds with random 4K writes hitting 86K IOPS.

Interestingly, Silicon Power claims the V70 is “able to endure more write cycles and significantly expands the life-span of your SSD”, however, haven’t mentioned how they’re achieving this compared to their previous SF drives using IMFT flash though.

The V70 ships in standard SandForce capacites of 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB and comes with a three year warranty and a 3.5″ adapter bracket.

24nm Toggle is both faster and more power efficient than it’s 32nm predecessor. Toshiba (and their fab partner SanDisk) took a while to get 24nm Toggle into SSDs, but it made an impact once it did. Drives using 24nm can use half the power on load.

The last Silicon Power we looked at was the Velox V30 equipped with synchronous IMFT flash, and that was back in January. Hopefully, we’ll have the new V70 in house soon.

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