Silicon Power Announces SSD-Thunder T11 Portable Thunderbolt SSD

Silicon Power, a global producer of memory and storage solutions, is announcing their revolutionary new ThunderboltTM solid state drive (SSD), dubbed the Thunder T11.  This unique palm-sized drive utilizes Intel’s ThunderboltTM technology, and has been officially certified by both Intel and Apple.  The Thunder T11 represents a new platform of storage solution, and offers its users absolute reliability and capabilities, and is compatible for use with both MAC and PC.

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Silicon Power’s Thunder T11 utilizes ThunderboltTM SuperSpeed I/O technology, and is capable of three times the speed of USB 3.0.  Professionals such as photographers and videographers, or gamers and businessmen, will benefit from the extra efficiency and time savings realized by using the Thunder T11 as their portable storage device.  The Thunder T11 is powered through the Thunderbolt port, greatly enhancing productivity and speed.

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The Silicon Power Thunder T11 is the smallest and lightest Thunderbolt SSD on the market.  The extremely small and featherweight design of the Thunder T11 is half the size of other portable storage devices, and weighs in at only 65g.  The  Thunder T11’s silver aluminum case offers excellent physical protection in spite of its very light weight, and also creates a significant cooling effect.  Being an SSD with no moving parts, entirely silent operation is ensured.

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According to Jason Ziller, Intel’s Director of ThunderboltTM Marketing, “ThunderboltTM technology can come in small palm size packages for true mobility.  We are pleased with Silicon Power’s support for ThunderboltTM technology and bringing ThunderboltTM mobile storage to the next level for professional consumers.”

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The Thunder T11 will be offered in a 120GB capacity, and the bus-powered design eliminates the need for any external or additional power source.  The Thunder T11 is capable of data transfer speeds of up to 380 MB/s reads, and 340 MB/s writes.  It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and MAC OS version 10.3x or later.  Silicon Power backs the Thunder T11 with a three-year warranty.

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Pricing and specific availability of the Silicon Power Thunder T11 has not yet been announced.  The product pages for the Thunder T11 can be viewed here.

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