SandForce Announces The SF-2481 Cloud Computing Processor

SandForce has announced today an enterprise class variant of their SSD Processors. The SF-2481 is the first SSD Processor optimized for cloud computing environments. Utilizing MLC NAND, the new line of controllers is aimed at creating high performing, high capacity devices with extremely high data protection capabilities.

The challenge for cloud based storage is that it requires several key factors to be effective. High capacity, low latency, low power consumption and high endurance are key amongst those concerns.

SandForce is looking to address these needs with this new line of controllers by leveraging some of the proven performance of their current line of SSD Processors and compression technology. High performance is a specialty of sorts for SandForce, as they have class-leading speed on the consumer side of the industry. With these new enterprise class devices SandForce is looking to bring that level of performance into the data center with speeds of 60,000 random IOPS and 500MB/s read and write.

Data integrity is also of utmost importance in data center applications. SandForce is addressing that concern with double the normal amount of ECC protection coupled with existing SandForce RAISE and DuraWrite technologies.  To further the endurance capabilities SandForce is also allowing the user to configure the amount of over provisioning to meet their individual requirements. The use of MLC NAND will also allow for some attractive price points for enterprise customers.

SandForce was recently acquired by LSI, and is doing very well in the enterprise sector. The alliance with LSI will surely lead to even more of a presence in the enterprise sector, quieting some who have doubted the ability of SandForce to transition to a OEM and enterprise supplier.

The SF-2481 Processor is now sampling to their OEM customers, and will ship in mass production in January 2012.

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