Samsung Updates Magician Software to Version 4.9 – Adds Support For Unannounced Samsung 750 EVO SSD

Samsung has a new version of their Magician software available on their downloads page. It has been updated to version 4.9, which adds support for the Samsung 750 EVO SSD, the 750 being a value oriented SSD that is currently only available to the Japanese market. The Magician software is a free download for Samsung SSD owners.

Magician screenshotBelow are the system requirements, including a list of Samsung SSDs that are now supported to by the Magician software.

magician requirementsThe requirements for utilizing Rapid mode are shown below, with support for only the EVO and PRO series (except the 950 PRO M.2).

magician rapid mode requirementsYou can visit the Samsung SSD downloads page here, where you will find both a download link for the .exe file for the Magician 4.9 software, and right below that is a .pdf download for the user manual. You will find these at the right lower portion of the downloads page.


  1. blank

    Hopefully, this is the BX200 killer we’ve been waiting for 🙂

    • blank

      Only available to the Japanese market currently. Samsung says they currently have no plans for this for the U.S. market. The key word there is “currently”.

  2. blank

    Presume still no fix for 840-non evo………………………….

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