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Samsung 750 EVO SSD Review (120GB/250GB)

Once every so often we get to look at a solid state drive that stands out from the crowd. A recent out stander to the storage scene was the Intel 750 NVMe PCIe SSD that we have grown to love. What if, you’re just entering the storage industry, or even less yet, just purchasing your first prebuilt PC or bare bones kit, …

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TSSDR Affiliate Post for May 8, 2013

Today is a day that a lot of us will take a second look at our neighbors. Do we know them, have we ever really known them? With all the technology that is available, it is hard to believe that such events can take place undetected for so long. Thankfully, this one has a happy ending. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Samsung 840 Pro 256 SSD @ …

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TSSDR Affiliate Reviews for March 21, 2013

The opportunity has arisen for me to attend The Price is Right Life Show in Hamilton, Ontario. How awesome is that!  While the games are the same, these shows are not televised, nor hosted by Drew Carey, but still how many people can say they attended? What if  my friend or I  actually get called to ‘come on down’ and …

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