Samsung Introduces 256GB mSATA PM830 SATA 3 SSD as Highest Capacity mSATA SSD To Date

The rage this year in storage technology has been hard drive caching which is equaled only by the introduction and storm of Ultrabooks we are seeing brought to market.  Samsung has tackled both with their new PM830 mSATA release containing sizes from 32GB all the way to an incredible 256GB which thus far, is unheard of in a mSATA SSD.

The PM830 SSD weighs in at 8grams, is only 50mm x 30mm x 3.8mm and will have 256 bit AES encryption.

Speeds are initially listed at 500MB/s read and 260MB/s write but its the impact they will bring to market with the Ultrabook that needs to be realized.  Ultrabooks are going to have a massive impact on the industry in the next few years and the ability to push SATA 3 speeds with a 256GB SSD is incredible.

Don’t believe us?  Take a look at our recent review of the Toshiba Z830 that, although only having a 128GB SSD which is the top available today, pushes speeds of 500MB/s in a 2.47 lb ultrabook form factor.


  1. So when will this be available in ultrabooks like the Z830?

  2. blank

    Can’t wait for it to go on sale to replace my 128GB boot disk! I’m running low on space!!!

  3. blank

    Now that CES is over, do you know when this will hit the market, and pricing?

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