Samsung Announces XS1715 SSD Capable Of 3GB/s & 740K IOPS – 2013 Samsung SSD Global Summit Update

Samsung’s 2013 SSD Global Summit has revealed another exciting development on the SSD front — Samsung’s announcement of development of the XS1715 enterprise SSD.  The XS1715 is the storage industry’s first SSD featuring the NVM Express (NVMe) PCIe interface, and can achieve sequential read speeds of 3000 MB/s and 740,000 IOPS!

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Samsung’s XS1715 will be available in capacities of 400GB, 800GB and a healthy 1.6TB; with the 1.6TB version being the one capable of the 3000 MB/s sequential reads and that amazing 740,000 IOPS. This makes the 1.6TB XS1715 faster than current high-end enterprise SSDs by a factor of more than 10!  The 3000 MB/s sequential reads is also 6 X faster than Samsung’s current (now former) high-end enterprise SSDs.

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The XS1715’s low power consumption facilitated by the NVMe interface makes it a great eco-friendly storage solution in addition to its blistering speed performance.  We often see the storage industry overly focused on the cost per GB of SSDs vs. HDDs, but let us not forget to also factor in a significant power consumption reduction as we are no longer powering motors to spin platters 24/7.  That continually-shrinking cost per GB gap shrinks even more with power consumption factored in.

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Samsung reminds us that the XS1715 is just the start, with plans for continuing development of a variety of NVMe SSDs with even higher levels of performance.  Samsung is poised to make a bold move into the high-end enterprise SSD market. The Samsung SSD Global Summit is still going on, so don’t touch that dial!

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