Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD at $458 – An All Time Low With Samsung Flexing Their Muscle

Right now at Amazonblank, the Samsung 840 Pro SATA 3 512GB SSD can be purchased for an all time low price of $458.60.  That being said, other 512 GB SSDs have been available for less but none that were arguably the best on the market and unquestionably the best selling.  Since it’s release, the Samsung series of SSDs have hit the SSD arena with a vengeance carrying with them three key characteristics; Samsung reputation, Samsung performance from a product that is one of the only built of 100% company components, Samsung 5 year warranty and now, Samsung low pricing.

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That is not all though.  Samsung has also brought pricing of the 840 Pro down to or under the $1/GB mark by following suit with their 256 and 128GB modelsblank at $228 and 128, respectively and their 840 Series TLC drives just can’t be overlooked as well.  With installation kit included, the 840 Series family can be purchasedblank at only $117 (120GB), $182 (250GB) and $377 for the 500GB SSD making this one of the lowest prices found to date for a 500GB SSD.  The beauty of the complete kit, of course, is that migration is quick and easy with all software and hardware included.


Both the 840 and 840 Pro SSDs were reviewed here at TSSDR, the 840 receiving our Innovation Award (LINK) and the 840 Pro easily earning it’s stripes with our Editor’s Choice (LINK).  During performance testing, the 840 Pro was one of the first consumer SSDs to reach 100,000 IOPS.  As well, Samsung SSDs can take advantage of the Samsung SSD Magician, a software utility that enables the user to configure, monitor and fine tune their Ssmsung SSD with an easy to understand graphical interface.


 In the end, the price of SSDs has dropped significantly since our first reviews in 2007 where a 128GB SSD could be had for a mere $2500.  Prices will continue to drop.  One can wait forever to get just the right price and I am one of the worst.  There were many purchases where I ended up realizing I could have been enjoying the product months before, if only to save a few more bucks.

For those on the fence the time to jump is now.  We promise that the visible upgrade you will realize in your system will have you forgetting the few cents you could have saved down the road.

Check Out Samsung 840 SSD Princing At Amazon!blank

Let’s go one step further…  If you purchase this SSD and have ANY CONCERNS whatsoever, jump into Our SSD Forums for immediate help!  It won’t cost a cent and you may just find a community that is worth visiting every now and then!


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    LOL $448.55 on Amazon right now! Any word on whether we might see a disk of this quality in a size like 768 GB or even 1 TB?

    • blank

      You will not in the near future for Samsung. We have brought up this question a few times and their belief is that any larger capacity is not cost feasible for consumer need.

      • blank

        Perhaps they’re right… I need the capacity for audio editing on my laptop. Performance is not so much my driving criteria, but power consumption — an SSD would increase my battery life, I think? But if I can’t get something with more than 512 GB capacity, I need to stick with a hard drive. I guess I’m more of a fringe case of a customer…

      • blank

        No! Everybody that does music, voice or video needs 1TB or a raid 5 array of 1 TB SSDs.

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    Micron is dropping their widely-reported 1TB monster for 600 bucks in thirty days. It would be insane to buy this.

    • blank

      Why , if its SATA111 and has 6.0 throughput on Intel SATA ports, 600USD is a steal for 1TB SSD. Lets see if its 19nm and what the specs are first.

  3. blank

    I bought mine on Amazon, for 438.00, so this is not an all time low.

  4. blank
    dumbfounded dane

    Just ordered one for 430 dollars (tax included in price)
    Which was pretty cheap for our insane taxes.

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