Runcore Showcases Products At Satellite 2012 As Space Beckons For SSDs

Runcore, well known for their SSDs and storage solutions, has announced that they will be showcasing a myriad of products at Satellite 2012. For those who don’t know, Satellite focuses on (try to act surprised) the satellite industry, attracting numerous interested parties (military, broadcast, enterprise, mobile, telcos).

The show also highlights products of immediate relevance to the industry. This naturally includes SSDs, which are no doubt a perfect fit for many applications in this field.

Runcore, in particular, will be showing off several recent products, including their rSSD series, which is a small form factor ssd targeted at embedded solutions. This should definitely be a hit in an industry for which efficient use of available space is a top priority.

Also on display will be their Invincible VPX product, which is an ultra high performance SSD solution (1400MB/s read, 1500MB/s write) targeted at military and industrial applications with rugged requirements. Think aviation, armored vehicles, hydraulic systems and, of course, satellites.

Runcore also mentioned their Xapear USB RFID protected SSD, which allows one to protect their data with a special RFID key.  In addition, Xapear provides a mechanism through which an owner can trigger a remote data destruction by sending a message via SMS, quite useful if any military secrets happen to fall into the wrong hands.

Finally, Runcore will be exhibiting their SATA III Pro V Max series of LSI Sandforce based SSDs targeted at notebooks. These drives will deliver random 4 KB R/W performance of 50,000 and 60,000 IOPS, and will offer capacities of 60, 120, 240 and 480GB. The Pro V 7mm series products will be available as well, and should be of particular interest considering the tight spaces these drives will no doubt operate in.

Runcore, I’m sure, will only be one of a number of SSD companies showcasing their products at Satellite 2012. Indeed, it seems that SSD companies may have found yet another avenue to pursue for the proliferation of their products. This is actually excellent news, as greater demand in ANY field will likely mean a general lowering of prices across all market segments. And I have to say, when it comes to demand, it seems as though the satellite industry is ripe and has the potential to be a very lucrative market for SSDs, which appear to be eminently complimentary to the equipment that makes up the backbone of this field.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to see if companies up the ante and start coming out with radiation hardened designs in order to facilitate a rapid adoption of SSDs for space based applications. Just think of it. Future space missions will be able to benefit from copious amounts of IOPS as they zip past Jupiter’s moon Io prior to reaching their base on Titan, thus completing the first leg of their routine oil run. You think? In any case, as we come back down to reality, it seems that solid state storage is about to establish a greater presence in space. I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t mind seeing SSDs on the ISS. At the rate we’re going, it may be more a matter of when.

Look for more space/SSD related news this coming March when Satellite 2012 gets underway.

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  1. interesting stuff! They would be very well suited to ‘launch conditions’ i would imagine with the high G forces and vibrations…cool stuff!

    as a side note…i wonder how HDDs spin in zero gravity, probably waaay faster!

    • yeah I wonder will HDDs spin in space?
      I think not, if it spins as a disk it’ll probably get caught in UV and gamma rays
      Now SSD can easily counter all forces of Space

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