RunCore Introduces Xapear SSD with Remote Data-Deletion and RFID Protection

About a week ago, RunCore announced their InVincible self-destructing SSD, taking user-data security to a whole new level. Unsatisfied, they decided to add another exclusive hallmark.

If frying circuitry isn’t your thing, it seems as though the Chinese-based company is tackling the security issue at a different angle, this time creating an SSD offering remote data-destruction via text messaging.

I can’t decide which method I like better, but the newly-launched Xapear SSD certainly is the safer of the two. It comes with two RFID keys that are initialized manually by the user(s). After initialization, the user(s) can use a public and hidden partition, and define their respective sizes. Normally, the hidden partition cannot be detected by others; however, once the RFID key is swiped over, the Xapear SSD will reveal the hidden partition. After another swipe, this partition will conceal itself.

In addition, remote data-destruction can be commenced by simply sending an SMS over GSM via a user-specified and user-defined mobile phone device to the integrated GSM receiver, which will immediately start overwriting all data present in the Xapear SSD. The GSM communication is provided for by an integrated SIM card, so those with non-GSM phones can take advantage of the accommodated text-based security. After successful data-elimination, the SSDs GSM will send a confirmation SMS to the users’ mobile device.

There is no word at the moment on size, performance, pricing, warranty, or storage-capacity, but the drive will be globally available. Unfortunately, RunCore have listed the Xapear as a USB 2.0 drive, eliminating any chances of SSD-like speeds (or USB 3.0 for that matter).

As such, the Xapear SSD is more of a consumer-based device valuing the mobile environment where sensitive data and information are frequently being carried along, while providing a highly advanced data-protection solution for users on-the-go…albeit a little less niftier than the one found in the InVincible.


  1. just wth is wrong with people wanting to destroy their own data lol..

  2. blank

    They also make one that will electrically over volt and burn up the nand at the press of a single button..00

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