Plextor M3S SSD Warranty Increased To Five Years

Plextors newly minted M3S SSDs are the first to use Toshibas 24nm Toggle Mode NAND.

Similar to Intels 2xnm NAND transition with the 3rd gen 320 line, Plextor has upped the warranty over its 3xnm versions.

Plextors other lines, composed exclusively of Marvel controllers and 3xnm Toggle NAND, will continue with shorter 3 year warranties.

Beside Intel and OWC, almost no other drives currently offer 5 year warranty protection at the moment. In addition to the longer warranty, max sequential speeds are manufacturer-rated at 525MB/s reads and 445MB/s writes, though as always, only the largest capacity version can hit those write speeds.

It seems as though Plextor is trying to present a more Intel-like appearance in other ways too, principally by touting an annualized failure rate of 0.59% for all Plextor drives and performing 20 hours of burn-in testing for every drive.

Interestingly, it seems that the switch to 2xnm Toggle NAND has an advantage in another area “ lessened power consumption. Its no secret that drives utilizing 3xnm Toggle NAND can consume quite a bit more power than drives utilizing other NAND types, but 24nm Toggle NAND may cut maximum power consumption by nearly half over its predecessor.


  1. Nice article! Good stat with the failure rate at .59% that is unbelievably good!

  2. blank

    looks like it could be the new drive to beat

  3. blank

    The M3S uses what I presume is 64gbit packages as opposed to 32gbit found in the M2P. But they are hellaciously fast either way. Five years is a great warranty though, and I’d trade some performance for peace of mind any day of the week.

  4. blank

    The Warranty must have some limitations, correct?

  5. blank

    OCZ, RunCore ,and many other brand …are three years warranty . the best thing is to keep the RMA rate is low

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