OWC Shows Off 2013 Mac PCIe Custom LSI SandForce Driven SSD Upgrade Capable of 1.8GB/s – CES 2014 Update

While speaking with OWC CEO Larry O’Connor at the OWC booth this morning, he pulled a little something from his pocket that truly spiked my interest.  It was an upgrade to my present 2013 MacBook Air and, better yet, it contained the LSI SandForce SF3700 flash processor capable of 1.8GB/s read and write performance.

OWC 2013 Mac Griffin Upgrade

This SSD is actually the first SSD upgrade that we have seen for the 2013 MBA and, in speaking to Larry, it should be available in the late Q2 2014 and just may hit a capacity point of 1TB.

OWC Mac Upgrade Back

A closer look shows us that OWC just may be relying on SanDisk for their chosen memory, however, we were reminded that this is a very early pre-production model and anything can change between now and the time that it is available for purchase.  There is also no price point, as of yet, but if you think about it, this is the very first time we have come across the LSI Griffin controller on a PCIe X4 design in this size form factor, reflecting of course that this is a somewhat proprietary Apple design that can be compared to the M.2.


  1. blank

    ‘Capable of 1.8GB/s read and WRITE’…??? Haven’t seen a single write bench from anyone bragging about their 3700 based drive…grrr

  2. blank

    I noticed the Griffin chip has the LSI branding on it. Is the SandForce branding pretty much done with?

    • blank

      SandForce is definitely not being put on the backburner as branding identification but companies are getting a bit more leeway at times to have the branding as they like (ie Intel/LSI 1500 Pro M.2 posted yesterday)

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