OCZ Technology Announces StoragePro XL 1.1 — Centralized Management Software For OCZ Enterprise SSDs

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., leading developer of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for consumers and enterprise, is announcing its new StoragePro XL 1.1 SSD management software.  This new application allows for centralized monitoring and management of OCZ enterprise SSDs that are connected to network servers, appliances or storage arrays.  Designed to be a network-accessible management tool, StoragePro XL 1.1 gives IT managers a cross-platform display of their enterprise flash devices, allowing for centralized monitoring, reporting and management.

OCZ Storage Pro system overview

StoragePro XL utilizes a web-based interface to connect to multiple host systems across a network, and lets IT pros centrally administer and monitor their enterprise SSD devices.  Featuring a user-friendly web-based centralized GUI (graphical user interface), IT managers are provided specific drive details concerning operation, performance and reliability.  The StoragePro XL software also provides a user-configurable alerting system that provides indication and identification of any potential storage and/or system issues in advance, allowing for corrective measures to be taken in a more timely fashion.

OCZ Storage Pro remote host screen

StoragePro XL’s GUI allows for the following important capabilities:

*     A structured group-based view of host and SSD activity throughout the data center

*     Critical alert displays and warning from hosts and connected SSDs

*     Simpler and easier SSD installation, management and maintenace

*    Fast and easy routine SSD maintenance runs, host system checks, and administrative tasks from firmware updates to printing detailed reports

OCZ Storage Pro frimware update screen

According to Dr. Allon Cohen, Vice President of Software and Solutions for OCZ Technology, “SSDs have become a critical component of the modern data center and IT managers expect enterprise-tools that optimally manage and maintain them.  Our advanced StoragePro XL management system is designed to centrally manage our complete portfolio of enterprise drives covering SATA, SAS, and PCIe and does so in a very easy and non-obtrusive manner.  This level of remote host and SSD management provides the system information and SSD health that IT professionals need to centrally perform mission-critical actions and maximize data center ROI from their enterprise flash resources.”

OCZ Storage Pro host snapshot

StoragePro XL supports enterprise hosts running either Linux or Windows operating systems.  It supports OCZ’s entire portfolio of enterprise SSDs including the Z-drive PCIe family, Deneva 2 SATA family, Talos 2 SAS family, ZD-XL SQL Accelerator, and the Intrepid 3000 SATA series (soon to be released).  StoragePro XL’s management console supports most of the popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

OCZ Storage Pro customizable alerts

The OCZ press release on StoragePro XL 1.1 can be viewed in its entirety here.  The StoragePro XL product page can be viewed here, where enterprise SSD customers can complete an online registration form and download the StoragePro XL software.

OCZ enterprise logostoragepro_xl_logo

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