OCZ Releases SSD Firmware To Fix SandForce SF-2281 Blue Screen Of Death

OCZ has just released f/w 2.15 for all SF-2281 processors which will fix an issue that has become popularly known as the “SandForce Bug”.

This release not only identifies and prevents BSOD issues caused by two specific conditions, but also, tackles stuttering issues observed by some as well as significantly improving TRIM and Secure Erase operations to prevent low level data corruption.

The firmware release notes are here and the firmware can be downloaded here.

This firmware is great news for owners of  ‘SandForce Driven’ SATA 3 SSDs regardless of the manufacturer because the simple fact that OCZ and SandForce were working hand in hand on a solution means that it will be filtered out to all SandForce partners.

The official statement:

OCZ is pleased to announce that the cause of a BSOD issue experienced by some SF-2000-based drive owners has been identified by OCZ and SandForce. A new firmware update which directly addresses this BSOD occurrence related to SF-2000 based SSDs is available here. All newly manufactured OCZ SF-2000 based SSDs will feature the new 2.15 firmware revision (which is based on SandForce firmware version 3.3.2.) We highly recommend that any customers that have experienced the BSOD issue update their firmware to 2.15.

We sincerely appreciate the support from our customers, and if any customers have any questions or require additional support please do not hesitate to contact a customer service representative and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns.


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    I hope this also fixes the 150mb/sec on half the drive slowness I’ve been having. The other half gets > 300mb/sec.

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    does this fix for sf-2280 also?

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    Yesterday Corsair released on 23th oct an update firmware 1.3.3. for Force 3/GT series.

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    SF-2281 firmware 3.3.4 seems to be out for the EDGE SSD. How about other brands??
    Check this out

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    Don’t install firmware 3.3.4 it isn’t compatible with current generation SF-2281 drives, it will cause issues similar to pre 3.3.2 firmwares. To use this firmware the boards need to be modified as they were previously pushing too much power through PCB chip pins. This firmware increases SF-2281 IOPs performance.

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    I’ve seen many instances that prove that this update has NOT fixed the issues. what do you have to say to this?

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