OCZ Launches SANRAD-VXL Storage Accelerator As Caching Becomes Par For The Course

OCZ has announced the release of their new SANRAD-VXL Storage Accelerator.

The VXL is a flash caching solution targeted at enterprise environments and will also provide VM-Ware acceleration.

It can be paired with OCZ’s Z-Drive R4 CloudServ SSD and will also provide support for traditional iSCSI and FC storage.

OCZ’s SANRAD-VXL will be available immediately.

In an attempt to get this product into the wild as soon as possible, OCZ will be hosting live demonstrations for any interested enterprise customers. Specifically, they will be showcasing the potent virtualization acceleration of their new progeny, which is able to speed up access to virtual machines by up to 25 times compared to a traditional SAN. This level of expeditious operation is sure to keep end users happy.

OCZ also mentioned that VXL will provide full support for VMWare vMotion, and will offer cache migration. This allows cached data to be treated as virtualized storage, which can then be shifted between VMWare servers along with any virtual volumes, providing an additional layer of flexibility. Such a feature will surely to be to the satisfaction of even the most scathing sys-admin.

VXL will also include useful enterprise management features, including the ability to be fully integrated with the VMWare vCenter virtualization management console. It will also support Storage Pro software, which enables OCZ Z-Drive R4 and CloudServ devices to be managed remotely. This time-saving attribute alone is bound to pique the interest of any true tech.


What’s interesting about this release is that OCZ has become latest company to get their foot in the door of the enterprise storage industry, which has seen a firestorm of new product releases, many of them being related to SSD caching. Indeed, this appears to be a sleeper segment of sorts, as those who don’t follow this field will not even realize that there’s a veritable party in full swing just on the next floor.

One thing that intrigues me though, is the question of who is actually buying all this speedy storage hardware. Is it small organizations looking to add some snap to their superannuated server rooms, or are they huge corporations, investing in caching in an attempt to keep their computing infrastructure on the cutting-edge. Whatever the case, it has certainly stirred up the natives of what appears to be one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise market at the moment.

In fact, right now, this may be one of the fastest growing markets of the computer industry as a whole. The only thing left to wonder, is why haven’t any companies involved in the storage industry also taken advantage of the similarly fast growing SSD industry and developed client SSD caching software? Even OCZ, which, through the acquisition of Sanrad, now has a homegrown solution, is still relying on Nvelo’s software. Hopefully, before long, these companies will see the light, and walk the righteous path to client SSD caching nirvana. If they do, there will be many an enlightened customer waiting to recieve their bounty. In my view, it would be absolute bliss.

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