OCZ and Marvell to Debut Next GenPCI Express Z-Drive R5 PCIe SSD at CES & Storage Visions 2012

OCZ Technology Group and Marvell have teamed up to unveil the industry’s fastest and most versatile PCI-express (PCIe) storage system — the Z-Drive R5.  With increased performance, reliability, and endurance the Z-Drive R5 is designed to take PCIe-based solid state storage to the next level for server and enterprise environments.

The Z-Drive R5 series will debut at CES 2012 at the Marvell booth (no. 30542), and will be in booth 13 at Storage Visions 2012.

With a designation of “Kilimanjaro”, this joint development of OCZ and Marvell features a native PCIe to NAND flash controller platform.  This allows for completely scalable performance and redundancy as it eliminates the need for a separate storage controller.  This technology will help reduce the cost of deploying a high-performance solid state storage system in the data center.

These drives will feature incredible bandwidth and maximum transactional performance.   They will be ideal for all data types — compressible, non-compressible, as well as large data sets.  The R5 series also feature OCZ’s Virtualized Controller Architecture(TM) 3.0 software functions.  The Z-Drive R5 is compatible with VMware, ESXi, ESX, Linux, Windows Server 2008, and OS X; supporting a wide range of servers and systems. The series will be available in MLC, eMLC, and SLC NAND flash options in capacities up to 12TB.

Here is what the two principals of this ground-breaking partnership have to say:

“We are continually pushing the envelope to deliver innovative PCIe SSDs to address challenges that our clients face when processing and managing ever growing amounts of complex data sets,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology. “The Z-Drive R5, leverages the powerful Kilimanjaro platform
to deliver superior performance, greater capacity, and an enhanced hardware and software feature-set that is unmatched in the industry. This best-of-breed next generation native solution enables clients to eliminate I/O bottlenecks for even the most data intensive server and enterprise storage applications.”

“Marvell is excited to work with OCZ on this native PCIe to NAND flash controller platform, based on our 88NV9145 silicon,” said Alan Armstrong, vice president of Marketing for the Storage Business Group at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “We believe the PCIe SSD market will rapidly shift to a native PCIe to NAND architecture, and the Kilimanjaro platform represents OCZ and Marvell’s strong collaboration in bringing this highly scalable architecture to market.”


The OCZ press release is available at: https://www.oczenterprise.com/news/ocz-technology-and-marvell-to-debut-next-generation-pci-express-z-drive-r5-solid-state-solution-at-storage-visions-2012.html

When it comes to SSD speed and capacity, OCZ continues to push the envelope.





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    Very impressive indeed. This makes the second story this week mentioning Ocz working with a competitor. I about fell out of my chair when they announced Ocz would be making SF based mSata drives for Intel’s ultrabooks. Hopefully this means that Intel will share the rewritten SF22xx fw with Ocz when they are done with it.

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    cant wait to see how the price point is for this baby…

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    CES is long gone. any additional info

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