MSI Partners With SandForce to Introduce Reflex Series SSD Family

Word showed up on our Forums earlier tonight of MSI joining Forces with LSI SandForce but all were initially unsure of their plans until someone found the goods on Industry News.

It appears that MSI is jumping into the SSD Arena with both feet and will be marketing a new ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ Reflex Series of SSDs in 60, 120 and 240GB capacities.  Care to guess the performance of the new Reflex family?

Typical SandForce performance of 560MB/s read and 525MB/s write with 90,000 IOPS is expected for the 240GB capacity with others being just short of that.  There is absolutely no word on pricing and the drive hasn’t even been announced but a big kudos to Industry News for digging up the, as of yet, unreleased specs.

blankPhoto Courtesy of Industry News

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