Micron and Seagate Announce Strategic Agreement For NAND Supply and Storage Solution Development

Micron Technology, Inc. and Seagate Technology, plc are announcing a strategic alliance combining the expertise and innovative capabilities of both individual companies.  The framework that this agreement establishes will benefit customers of both companies.  The alliance will enable a very focused strategy and faster, more effective innovation in developing industry-leading storage products.

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The initial focus of the agreement is geared toward strategic NAND supply and development of next-generation SAS SSDs.  Seagate and Micron both expect that the multi-year agreement will create additional opportunities to collaborate on future enterprise storage products that feature Micron NAND flash memory.

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According to Darren Thomas, Vice President of Storage at Micron, “The collaboration will assure both Seagate and Micron target the growing enterprise flash market with industry-leading offerings across both of our product portfolios. The relationship provides Micron access to enterprise drive technology and platforms, expanding our portfolio and accelerating our push into the enterprise market segment.”

Phil Brace, Executive Vice President of Seagate’s Electronic Solutions division, observes that “This agreement enables Seagate to secure a strategic supply of NAND flash memory and enables collaboration on future products and technologies.  Our companies are leaders in the storage industry, and in working together we build on that success.”

Other noteworthy quotes come from Mike Kerouac, President of Global Operations for EMC Corporation and from Trevor Schick, Senior Vice President of HP’s EG Global Supply Chain.  Kerouac notes that “As two of our key partners, we look forward to the benefits of this Micron and Seagate collaboration in future NAND flash-based storage technologies.”  Schick states that “The strategic agreement between Micron and Seagate promise to deliver new and innovative flash-based storage solutions.”

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You can read the Seagate/Micron press release in its entirety at Seagate’s website here.

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