Memblaze And PMC Collaborate On PBlaze4 PCIe SSD For Hyperscale Data Centers – 3.2GB/s Reads and 850,000 IOPS!

PMC-Sierra, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise storage system solutions, is announcing that Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of flash storage devices, is utilizing PMC’s Flashtec NVM Express (NVMe) SSD controllers in its newest generation of PCI Express (PCIe) flash accelerator cards.

Flashtec NVMe controller bannerMemblaze’s Flashtec-based PBlaze4 solutions are geared toward Open Compute Project and hyperscale data center deployments. The PBlaze4 provides the lowest CPU load in the industry, along with ultra-low latency. The PBlaze4 offers sequential read speeds of (up to) 3.2GB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 2.5GB/s. Random 4K reads are stated as (up to) an impressive 850,000 IOPS, with random 4K writes of (up to) 265,000 IOPS. Memblaze products are user-friendly, in that they enable customers to define and alter key settings, ensuring optimum performance for that customer’s specific platforms and applications.

PMC flashtec controllerAccording to Mr. Xiangfeng Lu, Co-Founder and CTO of Memblaze, “Memblaze has achieved great success in China, growing our market share to 60 percent since 2010. We partnered with PMC because they understand our drive to address customer requirements quickly with differentiated products. The flexible platform of the Flashtec controllers allows us to support multiple customer implementations and architectures with a common design effort and tune solutions for features like cost, performance and endurance. PMC’s standards-based architecture means that we can get to market much sooner and with confidence as we grow our business in China and abroad.”

memblaze pblaze cardSSDs that are based on Flashtec’s NVMe NAND controllers offer the highest levels of performance, capacity and reliability. This family of NAND controllers includes both 16-channel and 32-channel design implementations, and can enable SSDs with up to 8TB of storage, and up to 850,000 IOPS of performance – two times more performance and capacity than other NAND controllers.

memblaze exploded viewFlashtec NVMe controllers feature dual-port functionality, delivering high availability to enterprise-class applications, redundancy and sustained uptime reliability. PMC’s Flashtec series of NAND controllers support the NVMe industry-standard interface, NAND from multiple vendors and all common device drivers; which is accelerating the wide-spread deployment of PCIe-based SSDs in hyperscale data centers and other enterprise usage scenarios.

Flashtec block diagramDerek Dicker, vice president of the Non-Volatile Solutions Group at PMC, states that “PMC is pleased to be partnering with Memblaze to provide the highest performance and most advanced PCIe SSD solutions for China’s technology and hyperscale leaders. We look forward to enabling the significant growth opportunities for flash in China’s data centers and hyperscale deployments. Memblaze is a strategic partner for PMC to support these critical market segments in China and abroad.”

memblaze pmc logosYou can view PMC’s press release announcing the Memblaze partnership in its entirety here.

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