Mangstor Introduces P2P capabilities and 5.4TB model to MX-Series NVMe SSDs

Mangstor Inc., a leading developer of high performance next generation non-volatile memory storage solutions, today announced that its MX-Series family of NVMe-based PCIe SSDs now features higher capacity 5.4TB models as well as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) capabilities. The increase in capacity enables customers to apply Mangstor’s leading performance to even larger problem sets and the P2P capability provides low latency access to an extremely large storage pool of non-volatile memory, bypassing host resources.

Developed for High Performance Computing (HPC), transactional processing, video editing, and cloud computing workloads, as well as for real-time analytics, these capabilities are presented this week at ISC High Performance Conference 2016 by Mangstor’s European team in Booth #1440. The conference is located at the Messe Frankfurt venue, Tor Ost (East Gate), Hall 3, beginning today at 3:00 pm and concluding Wednesday, June 22nd at 6:00 pm. More information is available at

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MX6300 NVMe SSDs leverage the latest generation of eMLC NAND flash memory and now available in 5.4TB usable capacities as well as 2.7TB. Packaged in a Full-Height/Half-Length (FHHL) format, the high performance, low latency MX6300 SSD solutions are driven by Mangstor’s innovative controller – an offload architecture which utilizes a highly-efficient 100-core Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that moves and manages data at very high speed.

“As all scheduling and control is performed by our multicore DSP, data is efficiently moved through internal FPGAs, and includes end-to-end data protection and inline error correction,” said Paul Prince, CTO for Mangstor Inc. “Our innovative ability to separate data control from the data path optimizes I/O, reduces latency spikes and system bottlenecks, and delivers accelerated performance.”

The addition of P2P support enables communication between the MX6300 SSD and other P2P capable devices, such as General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) and high performance network adapters enabling data movement to go directly from device to device, bypassing host resources. As a result, low latency access to a very large storage pool of non-volatile memory is provided for compute-intensive workloads, moving data between GPGPUs and from GPGPUs to Network Interface Cards (NICs). This allows the GPGPU compute clusters to process dramatically larger problem sets.

Zstor NV series Mangstor NVMe SSD

Mangstor’s NX Series Storage Arrays include offerings that mix MX6300 SSDs with GPGPUs and NICs that also support P2P communication across these devices. Systems are available with a configurable mix of GPGPUs and SSDs supporting up to 8 GPGPUs and up to 350TB of storage, all in a 5U configuration. These supported network connections include Ethernet (40/56 or 100Gb) and Infiniband (FDR or EDR).

“We continue to develop intelligent storage systems optimized for compute-intensive applications and the addition of larger capacities and P2P support makes our MX6300 Series SSDs the most advanced PCIe edge cards currently available,” said Trevor Smith, CEO for Mangstor Inc. “The MX-Series continues to deliver leading performance and consistent low latency access making these storage solutions well-suited for larger, compute-intensive data sets and real-time analytics.”

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MX6300 Series SSDs are available through Mangstor’s worldwide sales channel of distributors, resellers and system integrators. Product information is available at Sales and pricing information is available at

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